• Hogwarts Tales: The Great Prophecy

    Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts to finish his final year, but in amongst all of the lessons, and Quidditch Matches, a great darkness looms. Professor Trewlaney makes another prophecy, and a shady organisation makes attacks on members of the wizarding community. But a tournament against Beauxbatons and Durmstrang could leave Harry distracted from his greatest threat... HP/GW RW/HG

  • Hogwarts Tales: The Tournament of Champions

    HARRY POTTER HAS VANISHED. In what appears to be the latest in a string of attacks by a group known as the WIZARDS UNITED LIBERATION FRONT, the boy wizard's disappearance marks the start of troubled times for the Wizarding World...

  • The Forgotten Dukes

    Since Harry Potter's rise to Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the wizarding community of Great Britain has known nothing but peace. Recently, a group of wizards from Glasgow have threatened to destabilize the wizarding community, and it falls to senior Auror Alexander Sinclair to stop them in their tracks. Can Sinclair hunt down the Forgotten Duke's?

  • The Great Broom Race

    Seven Teams compete to win the Annual Broom Race in Kopparberg, Sweden. Will Nimbus lift the trophy with their new 2500? Or will a new challenger rise to take the crown? Read on as the racers contend with icy conditions, mountains, valleys, forests, and dragons!

  • Hogwarts Tales: After the Battle of Hogwarts

    With Lord Voldemort gone, and the Death Eaters in prison, Harry and his friends can finally enjoy life. Harry and Ginny return to Hogwarts where they end up battling Durmstrang and Beauxbatons in the Cedric Diggory Quidditch Cup. But after the tournament is over, Professor Trelawney makes another prophecy. How will Hogwarts cope when Harry is no longer there to defend it..?

  • The Daily Prophet: 423rd Quidditch World Cup

    A short companion to my 'Hogwarts Tales' series, the Daily Prophet includes snippets of news that don't make it into the main stories, as well as coverage of the 423rd Quidditch World Cup!

  • Under the Black Flag: The 51st Annual Hunger Games

    In a Games where the Arena itself may present the biggest challenge, which tribute can survive the wrath of the harshest elements? Which tribute can survive under the Black Flag?

  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Twice

    This is set after the Emperor's death, and after the Thrawn trilogy. Han has somehow managed to steal Avenger, an Imperial Star Destroyer. But now he has one, what will he do with it?

  • Brianna and Dekka Part II: Aftermath

    16 years later... Brianna and Dekka are back in Tokyo, trying to forget the events of the past. But how will they cope when faced with a new challenge..?

  • A Place of Our Own

    My version of events of what happens after the final book in the Kevin and Sadie series; Hostages to Fortune. I hope you enjoy it! Read and review! :)