• Petal in the Rain

    Entrapped in a snobbish boarding school, Lily Evans mischievously escapes for one night, fatefully encountering London's most eligible bachelor, Lord James Potter. Set in 1940 during the Battle of Britain. A story of love, war, magic and deception.

  • The Twelve Days of Christmas

    [Note: Mature content] With Alice and Frank's impending nuptials on Christmas Day, Lily Evans is back home for the holidays. As maid of honour, she's unexpectedly thrown together with the best man, James Potter, who has seemingly changed since their graduation. This is a Christmas love story about how the two school rivals went from hate to lust to love while planning a wedding.

  • March of the Witch Hunters

    Lily Evans' disappearance was all over the Daily Prophet three years ago; afterall, she was the fiancee of James Potter. How will James and the wizarding community react when they find out that she's not only alive...but a death eater?

  • LE Bandit: The Gringotts Bank Heist

    Breaking the law is hard when you fall in love with an Auror like James Potter. A story of redemption, revenge, and an unlikely romance between an irresistible criminal and an auror.

  • Fly me to the moon

    James was popular, handsome, and a troublemaker. Lily was pretty, intelligent, and had a fiery temper. Mix the two together and what do you get? Chemistry and a lot of yelling. Story of love, laughter, Marauder foolishness, and a secret.

  • 1976

    It's summer of 1976. Lily joins the Order of the Phoenix before her 7th year at Hogwarts commences, taking on a dangerous mission concerning a notorious vampire as her first. Question is, can she cooperate with an old school rival to ensure her survival?