• Call Me Ellie

    With a mother who hates magic and a father in Azkaban, Ellie didn't exactly have the traditional magical upbringing. But when she starts her first year at Hogwarts, her life will change for the better. From an unbreakable bond with the Weasley twins to an unbelievable talent for wizard rock and roll, she's in for quite the adventure. FredOC, full series.

  • That Girl

    Ellie's life was never simple. Daughter of an Azkaban prisoner and a witch who rejected magic, she knew little of the magical world until she came to Hogwarts. Now, she has everything she could dream of - adventures, spells, two wonderful twins for best friends, a rock band, and maybe even her father back. But all she really wants is someone she may never have. OC, full series