Ravenclaw Midnight Blue

  • The Green, Greengrass Of Home

    A variation on – and expansion of - 'The Greengrass Is Greener On The Other Side'. Just how did Harry and Daphne cope during their sixth year, after changing places via the transference device? And what if the outcome for them and their friends was different?

  • Harry Potter: It's All In The Game

    The aftermath of Sirius's death. A gathering of pupils. A Cluedo board game that is hijacked by mysterious beings that transport Harry and friends to a surreal, shadowy Hogwarts. Someone has been kidnapped, and the clock is ticking. The price for failing this game within a game? Everyone will die…

  • The Greengrass Is Greener On The Other Side

    The 2nd Wizarding War has been won. Harry and an expanded circle of friends return to Hogwarts for their last year. But Harry still has major problems to resolve – and it will take a cunning plan to overcome them and win the peace within Hogwarts. Luckily, Harry can now count on the cunning of some Slytherins, to really shake things up and shock some people in the process...

  • The Riddle And The Ravenclaw

    Inspired by a wonderful idea submitted by Michelle-31a. What if, when Ginny threw away Tom Riddle's diary - another pupil found it, before Harry Potter did? What if that pupil had been a certain Ravenclaw...?

  • Harry Potter And The Unexpected Second Life

    A different ending to the Battle of Hogwarts is followed by a deadly assassination attempt on the Golden Trio. In an alternative timeline, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are forced to go undercover, to complete their education – whilst dark secrets and the ongoing Death Eater menace threaten them all. Harry's new life as a witch certainly won't be dull… Please read and review!

  • Harry Potter And The Caves Of The Dead

    A dark alliance, Hogwarts pupils held as prisoners, a network of traps, an object of supreme power... Harry's got his work cut out against Voldemort & Snape. But is everything what it seems to be? Prequel to 'The Lycanthrope Legacy'. Please read & review!

  • Ron & Hermione: A Week In The Other Life

    In his seventh year at Hogwarts, Ron still has trouble understanding girls in general, and Hermione in particular. Meeting a strange witch at Hogsmeade, he accepts her offer of help. Big, big mistake... Find out why! Not Deathy Hallows compliant.

  • Harry Potter And The Lycanthrope Legacy Part 3

    The Freedom Fighters launch their attack to liberate Hogwarts! Find out who dies and who survives, as Harry and his friends do battle in the climax of the war against Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, and their dark allies...

  • Hermione And The Dementor Dilemma

    A little something for Halloween! Set two and a half years after 'The Lycanthrope Legacy'. Two Dementors are after Hermione & Luna! How will they survive? And, for that matter, how will the girls cope...? :)

  • Harry Potter And The Lycanthrope Legacy Part 2

    See Part 1 for Chapters 1-9! Hogwarts has fallen to the Death Eaters. A distraught Harry and his remaining friends must now find the means to fight back. And along the way, Harry discovers who it is who can begin to heal his broken heart...

  • Harry Potter And The Lycanthrope Legacy Part 1

    A fateful encounter with Lord Voldemort - and that's just the prelude to Harry's 8th, dramatic year at Hogwarts! Find out what happens, after one of Harry's friends is bitten by a werewolf... not DH compliant