• A Promise

    Harry Potter and Hermione Granger both have promises to keep. This is a "Two Hundred Word Drabble" from the Harmony discord. The theme is Domestic HHR!

  • The Captain's Jersey

    Hermione keeps stealing Harry's Quidditch jersey. Harmony Fluff. Inspired by this image from this artist - /p/CHOCnMIAHsF/?igshid 11rk11pkjvg29

  • Wacky Alternative Universe - The Harmony Collection

    A collection of the "Wacky Alternative Universe" themes from the Harmony discord. A new theme every fortnight.

  • The Mudblood Chronicles

    After dying during the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry finds himself in the future... where Hermione Granger has become the new Dark Lord, because the only person she ever loved, Harry Potter, had died. Harmony. PLEASE NOTE: I am stuck and don't know if this story will continue past 8 chapters, just a heads up...

  • The Reunion

    Harry Potter is turning forty soon, he has very little to show for his mediocre life, and when he runs into the girl that could have been at his High-school Reunion, he has an epiphany that just maybe, it's not too late for him. Harmony AU. Inspired by Psych – Season 3 Episode 2

  • Washing Away the Past

    Harry and Hermione decide that chasing after Horcruxes can wait another day or two, but their cleanliness cannot. Harmony fluff. M for implied sexual content.

  • Albus Potter and the Book of Origins

    Harry Potter's children were meant to have peaceful and uneventful lives at Hogwarts, but as Albus Potter is about to find out, trouble will always find them. This story picks up from where the Epilogue left off...

  • The Bookstore

    Harry Potter owns Hermione Granger's favourite bookstore. AU Harmony.

  • The Lovegood Diaries

    A collection of missing moments and diary entries from Luna Lovegood, from the time she is introduced in the series until the end of the war. Over that time, she begins to develop a fondness for Harry Potter.

  • The Triwzard Trifector

    Hermione Granger goes beyond the cause to help her friend get over his nerves for the upcoming tasks. Oneshot x3. Rated M for sexual content.

  • Loony Benefits

    Ginny is dissatisfied about the boys she's dating, and though Harry Potter feels like a lifetime away, she needs to feel something, and it comes in the most unlikely of scenarios.

  • The Harry Potter Fan Club

    Ginny Weasley runs a Harry Potter fan club for fun and it attracts quite a few interesting characters.

  • Early Riser

    Harry Potter finds out what can happen when you get out of bed early enough in the morning. Please review, every comment helps.

  • Correspondence

    For her seventh-year, Ginny Weasley prefers to do correspondence at home, and an unlikely tutor by the name of Remus Lupin is asked by her for help.

  • A Watchful Friend

    He watches her. She watches back. No words are spoken. That's all that's needed.

  • Likeness

    Severus Snape can't get over the likeness he sees in Ginny Weasley. Rated M for obvious reasons so be warned. Please review I might write more.

  • The Real Estate Business

    Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass are happy, soon to be engaged, and looking to buy a house, that was until they met the real estate agent. M Rating for future chapters. Please review.

  • There's something about Ginny Weasley

    Set during Half-Blood Prince, slightly alternated storyline, Jimmy Peakes admires Ginny Weasley from afar - but he goes from being a face in the Gryffindor common room, to a team mate, to a friend and to maybe something more ? - Please read and review.

  • The Yule Ball Missing Moment

    Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley struggle to find dates for the highly anticipated Yule Ball on Christmas night. Please review...

  • Different Meanings

    Hermione Granger seeks the haven of her good friends after a bad date and she thought her embarrassment would stop with them. Inspired by an episode of the TV show Frasier. Please review.