• Harry Potter and the Overworked Headmaster

    My take on the "Sirius Black is married with a child" plot, except that it's not enough to keep him out of Azkaban. But at least he managed to rescue Harry from the Dursley's. You'd think that Dumbledore would notice this and he would have...if he didn't have three full-time jobs. Eventual HHR.

  • Shades of Darkness

    Voldemort tried to make Harry a horcrux. He failed and now the world must deal with the consequences. Abandoned.

  • What If?

    The war is over and Voldemort is dead. Harry has only one more question. Undeniably HHR. Please R&R.

  • A Twins Life

    We've all seen it before, Voldemort attacks the Potters and Dumbledore makes a mistake about who the BWL is...but suppose that he made a different mistake instead. HHr, Please R & R. Rating may change in the future. Abandoned. Adopted by 412.

  • Articles from the Daily Prophet in the 1880s

    Quidditch is an unbalanced game and in the 1880s the Department of Magical Games and Sports was trying to make it more fair and safe. Here are some more changes that needed to be done.

  • I am sick of this fricken fanon cliche!

    It's a bit short, but straight to the point. I am sick of the fanon "Lord X" cliché as well as the accompanying "instant emancipation" cliché, so much so that I can't even read stories that use them anymore.

  • A More Balanced Perspective

    The books only give us Snape's perspective without any context. Here is the rest of the story.

  • Inevitable

    JKR said that if Snape hadn't been involved with Death Eaters and Dark Arts, he would have started a romantic relationship with Lily. This is me calling BS! Because some things are inevitable and some things never change. One-Shot.

  • Harry Potter and the Light of Truth

    Slow-burn HHr. What if Harry had been rejected by Parvati? And what if he began to realize his destiny much earlier? Dumbledore isn't manipulative so much as misguided. The timeline has been pushed forward to 2006. None of the usual cliches. Abandoned, at least for now.

  • Snapshots of the Future

    After 5th year before the train ride home Hermione takes a potion that shows her an event from the next school year, Harry develops a new ability. HBP compliant. Please R&R. Chapter 1 revised! Abandoned, at least for now.

  • All Because Of A Stupid Photograph

    A nice little oneshot that just occured to me. Takes place at Hogwarts during seventh year. Colin Creevey puts a new Weasley's invention to good use. HHr. Please R&R.