• The Potter Twins II

    This is the sequel to my first The Potter Twins. This takes place during year four. Yes, I skipped years 2 and 3, but you will find out why! This takes place through the eyes of Chloe Potter, who is falling in love with Draco Malfoy. Soon enough she'll become a death eater, fighting against her own flesh and blood, her twin bother Harry Potter.

  • An Unexpected Twist

    Remus' reaction when Tanks told him she was pregnant.

  • Percy's Day Out of the Ordinary

    Percy expects every day to be the same. What happens when it isn't what he's used to?

  • I'll Tell You Something

    Harry goes to Ron for advice about Cho Chang. Ron does the best at guessing what should be done.

  • Star Gazing

    Ginny and Luna meet after a quidditch game to look at some stars.

  • Family, Friends, and Life

    Post-Hogwarts based on Macbeth by Shakespeare.

  • Floating Lights and Memories

    A short story about traditions, and Molly's life after Hogwarts

  • A Wizarding Addiciton

    Ever wonder what wizards can be addicted to? How do they over come addiction? What's their story? This is a story about Rose Weasley, and how she conquered her addiction.

  • The Crimson Convicts

    Ron and Harry are thieves, what will happen if someone catches them?

  • The Snake, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Short story about Augusta Longbottom in her third year.

  • Just a Quiet Girl

    AU for my Potter Twins series. About Chloe having a mental illness, and Draco helping her out of her shell.

  • The Watch

    Marietta betrayed the DA, how does she react to that? Who will remain friends with her?

  • The Greenhouse

    One shot for Luna and Neville. (for the word count, I didn't count the title, or AN)

  • Detention

    Harry's in Slytherin, Hermione in Ravenclaw, Ron in Hufflepuff, and Draco in Gryffindor. And they are all friends, wait what? First year detention, with a twist. Dummy Round for Tutshill Tornados.

  • The Potter Twins

    Maybe it's time to see the story from the point-of-view of the Death Eaters! This story is about Harry Potters twin sister, Chloe Potter. This is their first year at Hogwarts, and when they both realize their lives are about to be very different. This is going to be a Chloe and Draco pairing! Will be rated T for later chapters. Hope you like it!