• New Blood

    Sorted into Slytherin with the whisper of prophecy around her, Hermione refuses to bow down to the blood prejudices that poison the wizarding world. Carving her own path forward, Hermione chooses to make her own destiny, not as a Muggleborn, a half-blood, or as a Pureblood... but as a New Blood, and everything the mysterious term means.

  • Meet Me in the Middle (of the multiverse)

    While looking for resources on splitting his soul, Tom Riddle happens to find an old spell designed to take you to your soulmate - with whom incredibly powerful tandem magic can be performed. The consideration to cast it only lasted a moment - but the unexpected effects will last a lifetime. (Tomione soulmate fic)

  • Nothing to See

    Cedric's first memory is from when he was two. He had been put down for a nap and was lying in his bed, trying to fall asleep, when the back of his eyelids had exploded with color. Even at two, he knew enough and was excited to realize what had happened: His soulmate had finally been born. (Written for the Hermione's Nook RarePair Soulmate Fest 2020; Cedric/Hermione, nonHEA)

  • Your Eyes Are Mine

    Hermione is surprised when Cedric Diggory, a handsome 6th year, starts chatting her up before the Quidditch World Cup. Ginny's convinced he's chatting her up because he fancies her. But in reality, it's so much more. (Written for the Hermione's Nook RarePair Soulmate Fest 2020; Cedric/Hermione, HEA)

  • Diamond Heart

    When Hermione approaches Draco Malfoy proposing a fake relationship between the two of them as part of a scheme, he's eager enough to participate - the potential benefits outweigh any costs on his time. But as it all progresses, Draco finds himself wondering what it would be like if what was 'fake' was real.

  • Ash

    The world repeats, the Final Battle replaying itself out in front of Draco's eyes each day, ending in a cloud of ash and fire. No one else seems to realize it, that they're trapped. It's only when Draco realizes that Hermione's aware of the time loop too that he begins to understand what's happening, where he is, and exactly what it means. Dramione oneshot.

  • Literal Soul-mates

    Tom had just finished creating his Horcrux when Hermione had appeared, spilling out of the air and carrying another freshly-torn piece of soul with her as she crashed into him… and the next thing he knew, there was a distinct sensation of someone settling down next to him, inside of him, his Horcrux now home to two souls. Tomione; written for QLFC Round 3.

  • Learning to Follow

    Hermione finds a Draco Malfoy who's lost in a changing world after the war. If he can learn to follow, instead of lead, maybe she can help him learn about what all the world has to offer, and if they're lucky, maybe even help lead them both onto a new path. Oneshot. Dramione. Written for Round 2 of the QLFC Season 7.

  • Catch-22

    "Then I'll just kill the babies," Voldemort snarled. "The Dark Lord, the baby killer. Coming for all your children, murdering your babies in their cribs. That will strike fear into the hearts of everyone, won't it?" - Not long after Snape delivers the prophecy to the Dark Lord, the Death Eaters have begun to gossip. Voldemort reflects on the dire implications of this all.

  • The Spring's Chosen

    A golden unicorn appearing on the Malfoy grounds sends the Manor into a flurry of activity, to the confusion of one Draco Malfoy. It's just a unicorn that happens to be gold - isn't it? DMHG

  • Falling

    Pushed through the Veil, Hermione falls... and falls... and falls. There are people she can't remember here, who seem to know her, and she falls with them through the nothing. Here, in the Void... can she ever truly land?

  • Cwéne

    Hermione watches the inky sky, alone, and wishes upon a star. She wishes for an equal, someone to stand at her side as she takes a stand against the world. And when the Fates deliver him to her, the world will never be the same again.

  • Heiress

    New student Kagome Higurashi makes (or is it blackmails?) her way into the Host Club, becoming the club's first ever (public) female host! She's beautiful, Kyoya acknowledges, but it's the mystery of her unseen guardian and her aversion to being touched, however, that fascinate Kyoya, as he finds himself being drawn to her more and more...

  • Avada

    For Hermione, it starts out as a question. Is it possible to 'Avada Kedavra' oneself? SS/HG

  • Arrows amour

    Professor Delacour's brilliant plan for Valentine's Day has an unexpected result for Draco Malfoy: a besotted Hermione following him around like a puppy. Short piece of fun Dramione fluff in time for the holiday.

  • Sequence

    A misspoken mistake transports Hermione through time, binding her to the Malfoy family, causing her to come whenever they call. Warnings: violence, limes.

  • The Young Adventurer's Club

    "Bored by unchallenging classes? Sick of sitting around, doing nothing grand? Eager to learn forgotten magics and gain power beyond your wildest dreams? Join the Young Adventurer's Club now!" A mysterious poster for a new club catches Severus' eye. Little does he know... What the club has planned will challenge everything he knows and change the course of his entire life.

  • Extreme Quidditch

    "Isn't it obvious, Malfoy? If everyone's desperately craving excitement because everything's been boring and mundane..." She leaned closer, lowering her voice, and Draco held his breath. "...then we'll give them something extreme."

  • Misapparition

    Hermione keeps apparating to land on top of an amused Aidan Lynch. But Hermione's known how to apparate for years! Is an odd quirk of Veela blood what's actually causing the problem? Or is it just a malicious spell?

  • Haunted

    Voldemort's slowly been taking over Harry's mind. What will Harry do in the face of this sinister plot? oneshot songfic for Evanescene's 'Haunted'.