• Emeralds & Rubies

    Alive Potters. Voldemort wins. New wizarding hierarchy. When the eldest daughter of the Potters catches the eye of the dark lord; the dark lord does everything in his power to get her to be by his side. Formerly Harry Potter's Sisters. More info inside. I DO NOT OWN Harry Potter.

  • Harry Potter's Sisters (Re-Written)

    Harry Potter has three sisters. One older sister, a twin sister, and a younger sister. His older sister has a prophecy of her own where she will have no choice but to give the Dark Lord a heir. Can her younger brother stop it from happening or would his older sister do what is right? I DO NOT OWN Harry Potter.

  • For the Greater Good Preview

    Fem Harry. Dumbledore, Molly, Ginny, and Ron Bashing. Dumbledore thought he could force a way to get rid of Voldemort by marrying him to Harriet Potter, and then have him killed but he didn't think that they would fall in love and find out his plans for the wizarding world and the muggle/mundane world. I DON'T OWN Harry Potter.

  • Allen's Friends and Family

    What if Allen was found as a newborn baby by someone who was also abandoned is only a five-years-old girl, but decided to raise him as her little brother. She named him Red, before Mana named him Allen. She protected him before she was taken away by the Black Order, because her blood is Innocence itself and very powerful. This is also on . I DO NOT OWN D. Gray Man.

  • The Golden Heart

    A girl from our world went in 07-Ghost, but was she born there and sent to our world or was she chosen to hold the Golden Heart of Heaven? Teito who had found her hurt in the bushes at the Military Academy decided to help her, but what would happen afterwards? I DO NOT OWN 07-Ghost.

  • A Life Living

    Another girl went to the World where Mulan lives in, and this girl named Jade decided to help her through the upcoming war. Jade will act like Mulan's twin sister and joins the war as well, but she doesn't know what price she'll have to pay once she decides to stand up for her younger twin sister. I DON'T OWN Mulan.