• Harry Potter: Changeling

    When Harry Potter returns to the Wizarding world, he hopes to finally find friends and acceptance, but how can he when a Faerie queen wants him dead, A dark Lord wants revenge, and Oh yeah, he's not a wizard. He is not even human. Will he change to fit the wizarding worlds ideals or will he bring the magical world to it's knees.

  • Harry Potter: son of Lilith

    When Dumbledore accidentally summons something into the world of man, it changes the fate of the wizarding world forever. Harry Potter: son of Lilith and heir to all the monsters is born. Will he choose light, dark, or make his own side? Let me know if I should continue this.

  • Harry Potter: son of Morrigan

    James Potter summons the Morrigan to help in continuing the Potter line, but deals with inhuman entities come with a price. Harry James Potter must deal with a Mother that wants him for her own purposes, a dark lord trying to control the government, and learning to control a power older than magic. Will he be the world's hero or will he be it's destruction?

  • Harry Westenra

    Harry Westenra Potter, son of Lucy Westenra and the elf Hardwyn Potter. Taken in by Lily and James, how will this half-vampire half-elf cope in a world not his own. With dark lords, manipulative headmasters, and vampiric grandsires. Will he be allowed to forge his own destiny? Or is he fated to be controlled by others?

  • Harry Evans: Outcast

    Half fae, half wolfshifter Harry Evans has been an outcast all his life, blamed for something he has no control over. When he is seven, he meets a girl named Ginny Weasley. As they grow, they form a friendship that will stand the test of time. Will Harry be able to defeat Voldemort and avoid the queen of Faerie who wants him dead? Note, Neville is BWL.

  • Return of the fallen king

    Sequel to Son of Morgaine. It has been two years since Harry's confrontation with Voldemort. He has been training hard, but is he ready for what's coming. An ancient force has awakened and it is more terrible than Voldemort ever was.

  • Son of Morgaine

    Lily is sent to Azkaban for not being human. When she gives birth, her son is taken from her. Aftet Voldemort attacks and kills James, Dumbledore, out of fear, locks Harry away with his mother, but Lily is more than she seems. Years later, they are helped to escape. How would a Harry raised in Azkaban react to the world that imprisoned him?

  • Weasley's scrooged

    Ron and Molly blame Harry for Fred's death. Ginny loves Harry, but doesn't want to alienate her family by dating him. Will a visit from four ghostly visitors help change things for the better?

  • The Son of the Morrigan

    In one world Lily and James have two children. However, they send Harry to the Dursleys so they can focus on his brother Nathan. In another world, Harry Potter Dies leaving his parents and brother alive. However, things aren't always as they appear What happens when Harry is transported to this world and is taken in by a loving Mother. Will he fight for a world that abandoned him?.

  • Harry Potter: Half-born

    Unable to have a child, Lily Potter makes a deal with a fae, but deals with the fae always come with a hidden catch.

  • Ginny's intervention

    Ginny is tired of Harry and Hermiones constant arguing over the potions book. Can she help them to stop their bickering before it ruins their friendship? Oneshot.

  • Fallen Savior

    Harry is framed and sent to Azkaban for murder. Only a few people believe in his innocents. He is rescued a year later by Ginny Weasley, changed from the kind innocent boy he used to be, dark evil Harry and dark evil Ginny.

  • A power returns

    Sequel to Son of a Denarian. Voldemort grows stronger and Harry must return to Hogwarts for a tournament he never entered. To make things even more complicated one of Voldemort's horcruxes is revulting against it's maker. The Title has been changed.

  • Son of a Denarian

    Dumbledore chooses Peter Harry's twin as the boy who lived. Harry is neglected and forgotten until his real mother comes for him.