• Barely Functioning, Deeply Loved

    When six-year-old Harry Potter finds floo powder while cleaning the fireplace, he is accidentally sent over to Severus's Snape's house, where he discovers that Snape is his biological dad, he has a half-sister, and Aunt Petunia has been abusing him all his life. It's almost too much for little Harry to handle. Can Severus help this boy through the traumas he's suffered?

  • Learning Friendship

    Severus Snape is cursed with an affliction that has him human by day and a centaur, Ajax, by night. One night, Ajax rescues a lonely eleven-year-old Harry Potter and a bond forms between them and they meet every night. As Ajax, Severus learns more about Harry than he would have ever wanted to learn. But without revealing himself to Harry, how can Severus help this orphaned boy?

  • My Little Runaway

    After Harry Potter runs away from his relatives' home for the sixth time, Albus decides something drastic must happen. Instead of sending a friendly witch from family services like he had done before, he sends Severus Snape in hopes of scaring the boy into staying put. But when a storm interferes with plans, Severus realizes why Harry runs away and a change of plans ensues.

  • Second Chances Reality: Prisoner of Azkaban

    The dark wizard who played a role in Lily Snape's death is eligible for parole, and Severus and Harry struggle with a past neither are prepared to face as they deal with parole hearings, a new school year of new classes and new friends, and conflicted emotions that threaten to tear every relationship apart. Sequel to To Have a Second Chance and SCR: Monster from the Chamber

  • Second Chances Reality: My Daddy's a Vampire

    During a winter sleepover, Harry and his friends watch a scary Dracula movie without Severus's permission. After a string of circumstantial evidence, Harry and the others become convinced that Severus is a vampire.

  • Cripple Me

    Severus Snape hates Harry Potter. Nothing will ever change that. Not even that trusting smile. Or that all too sweet and innocent look. Or the sudden shift in his relationship with the Potter whelp. Not even those bright, green eyes. No, nothing will ever change Severus's hatred for Harry Potter – no matter how fond of him he was becoming. An eventual Snape adopts Harry story.

  • Snape and the Seven Potters

    In this one-shot that takes place during the Battle of the Seven Potters, Severus Snape must maintain his cover as a loyal follower to the Dark Lord and save the brat he swore to protect.

  • Dances with Foxes

    Noah Enfields is a transfer student from Hogwarts to Mahoutokoro, and while there, he meets a strange girl who "dances with foxes."

  • Always

    Harry Potter does not want his son to be friends with Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius gets some fatherly advice on the matter and learns the meaning of true friendship.

  • Nameless

    Luna Lovegood is helping Hagrid find an injured thestral foal in the Forbidden Forest when she finds herself transported into a world of monsters.

  • Second Chances Reality: Monster from the Chamber

    During his second year at Hogwarts, Harry discovers a mysterious egg in the Chamber of Secrets. What hatches from it leads to one adventure he'll never forget. With help from his friends, will Harry be able to tame the monster – and hide it from the school? The Sequel to To Have a Second Chance.

  • Remembrance

    A small one-shot about James' and Lily's wedding. Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition Season 8

  • Beautiful Transformation

    James, Sirius, and Peter discover Remus's little secret, and they agree to do something to help their friend, even if that friend doesn't want their help. Written for Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition Season 8.

  • Love Conquers Fear

    A one-shot between Remus and Tonks before their marriage. Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition Season 8

  • Second Chances Reality: Little Sam

    In hopes of pranking Sam, Harry decides to use a deaging potion on the fox, leaving his father to deal with the mischievous fox. However, has Harry really pranked Sam? Or has he simply tortured his father? A one-shot in the Second Chances Reality series that occurs during the events of Ch12 of Monster from the Chamber.

  • Second Chances Reality: Silly Hiccups

    Seven-year-old Harry develops a bad case of silly hiccups that brings disaster and laughter to his day. Will Severus be able to cure Harry of this ailment? A one-shot in the Second Chances Reality Series.

  • Learning Friendship Short: The First Night

    The Prince Family had been cursed by a sphinx to turn into a centaur every night for the rest of their life starting at just an innocent three-years of age. This is the story of Severus's first transformation as a young toddler, and how it changed his and Eileen's lives; not for the better, but not for the worse. This story takes place in the Learning Friendship universe.

  • The First Muggle at Hogwarts

    What if Hermione had been born with no magic? No different from the next muggle, Hermione finds herself on a mysterious train that takes her to a castle full of wonders and magic she's never seen before. Will she be accepted in a school of wizards and witches? Would they let her stay? Or will she always be no more than an insufferable know-it-all?

  • To Catch a Rat

    Crookshanks heads out one night to make a deal with a friend in order to trap a common enemy. He only has one request.

  • A Day of Rage

    When a small muggle town is attacked by Death Eaters, a family of wizards and witches living among the muggles takes cover in a warded underground storm shelter. Seven-year-old Lucy, however, sneaks out of the shelter to save one of her closest friends, braving the chaos and fear in the streets. Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition.