• The Legendary Gilderoy Lockhart

    A entry in the journal of the legendary Gilderoy Lockhart.
  • Family Matters

    Gellert and Albus go on a mission to try and find the Elder Wand to save Ariana from herself; Albus doesn't expect his friend has other motives.
  • It Begins With Hope

    Harry and his friends graduate and help rebuild the castle to its former glory, by also going through an emotional journey that shows that sometimes all ones needs is a tiny step in the right direction
  • Ghostly Affair

    Luna is stalked by a possessive ghost who falls in love with her, will she help the ghost finally find her way? Warnings: Murder, revenge, death, suicide.
  • DJ Wolfstar

    Remus is celebrating his 21st birthday on a snowing winters day by going to a gay club called The Three Broomsticks
  • Love In Flight

    Cedric and Harry decide just because they are rivals doesn't mean they can't be friends, or much more...
  • When A Rescue Goes Wrong

    Ginny and Luna try and save Molly Weasley from the madness of Bellatrix Lestrange. VoldyWins!AU. Warnings: Death, kidnapping, violence, angst
  • Walking In My House

    James and Severus realize that there is more to the other teen than meets the eye.
  • Mother Gryphon

    Newt and Jacob go on an adventure and Jacob gets himself injured by an angry gryphon
  • All Wolf No Bite

    AU! Hermione goes into the woods to visit her parents' to find them murdered, and the murderer to be Remus Lupin. Further investigation into the incident causes Hermione to fall in love with the man, and she becomes determined to get him free. Also, Remus is only 5 years older than Hermione in this fic. Warnings: Murder, blood, descriptions of death.
  • Ravens Know Best

    Alice Fawley (Longbottom) is a Ravenclaw that knows more than she lets on, unless it comes to Marlene then she is just as clueless as the rest of them.
  • The Cake Debacle

    Harry's first birthday with his parents, he becomes sick from eating to much cake, and the family just enjoys spending the day together as a family
  • Dinner With Mr Lovegood

    Neville enjoys fathers day with his girlfriend and her father. Then he realizes Luna isn't ready for the next step in their relationship yet.
  • SOS

    Ginny goes missing, Harry and Tonks believe she was taken hostage by a vampire. When Harry goes off alone and doesn't return- Tonks turns to Charlie for help.
  • A Dream Of Another Life

    Severus takes an anti-aging potion, which turns him 16 years old again. Is he going to accept the second chance he had been given or go back to his old life?
  • No Greater Love

    A Short Story of the love and loss of Albus Dumbledore
  • Stolen Kisses

    Harry and Draco take a moment for themselves, knowing that their love isn't built to last, and that it was possible this first kiss could be their last.
  • More Than Words

    A potion accident makes Gilderoy and Severus able to read each others thoughts, and potentially gives them the opportunity to recognize their soul mate via a tattoo.
  • He Who Fights The Past

    Warnings: Substance abuse, alcoholism Harry enters a depression after the war and leans to alcohol to cope, until Charlie helps him get sober
  • Letters For Lily

    Lily takes becoming a widow hard, as well as going through her pregnancy alone with sends her into a depression. Warnings: James died on a mission with the order, leaving Lily a widow, depression.