• Fairness And Equality

    Rufus Scrimgeour is the best Auror the department has ever seen, all he needs is a little bit of respect.
  • 50 Shades Of Pink

    Umbrige gets memorized by the beings she used to despise and it ends up sometimes beauty is only skin deep.
  • Perfectly Normal

    Harry goes back to number four privet drive with Draco to see that a lot has changed, and Dudley has grown up to be a good father to his daughters.
  • Just Draco

    Draco gets disowned and ends up seeking solace at the Burrow, and becoming close with Harry. When Ron decides to set them up on a date.
  • Dinner For Two

    Arthur's anniversary surprise dinner gets spoiled by his children, but he can't be too angry at them when it all turns out to be a lovely dinner for the two of them.
  • In Varietate Puritas

    After Voldemort's downfall, ministries around the world have put forth a law requiring all children with relatives involved in any capacity with the Dark Arts to be removed from their parents for the world's—and their own—safety. After all, they can't allow evil to conquer the world again... Chapter 2: Who Is He? (Ch 1 & 3 by whitetiger91 & White Eyebrow.)
  • Pride Cometh Before The Fall

    Cornelius Fudge goes on a night out and get's caught up in a mystery affair.
  • Forever And Ever

    EveryoneLivesAU! Even though Peter gives them up, he goes back and the Potter's narrowly escape. Sirius is planning an engagement for Remus, which causes Remus to be anxious and worry about them being estranged.
  • Kiss Me Once

    Percy is feeling sorry for himself thinking that he is nothing special and dismisses Oliver's advances as joking. It takes him a while to take Oliver's advances seriously.
  • Putting Down The Bottle

    Draco Malfoy becomes an alcoholic, when Luna tells him she wants to have a school reunion, he decides to help her, and finds out that he could have had what he wanted all along.
  • Prank Wars

    After Fred wakes up as ghost, he decides that he needs to put Peeves in his place once and for all and show him who is the most legendary prankster Hogwarts has ever seen
  • Turn Out The Lights

    Draco is struggling to sleep because his husband is keeping him awake.
  • Superstitions

    Draco gets turned into a cat, and assuming it was Harry he goes to his nemesis to confront him, finding out something a lot worse than a prank was going on.
  • My Doll

    Lily finds herself moving in across the hallway from her childhood friend Bellatrix, but a jealous roommate is intent on getting between them just as love begins to blossom.
  • Cupcakes And Firelight

    Fluff! Wolfstar. Remus is at home worried about his husband, and the kitchen ends up covered in bright yellow cupcakes.
  • Falling For Alice

    Hermione travels back in time to help save Neville's parents from being tortured, she manages to change things with unforeseen circumstances. Warnings: Cheating, homophobia
  • Grimm Side Of Love

    Dark!AU- After being trapped in Azkaban unable to save his godson's life, he goes crazy and kidnaps Harry, believing he can keep him locked up so he can be safe from the evil outside world. Warnings: Kidnapping, stalking
  • Heart Of The Storm

    PirateAU and MuggleAU- Neville's parents were pirates, and Neville finds out his grandmother has been lying to him all this time about what happened to them.
  • My Brother

    Regulus and Sirius have a moment playing Quiddich in the garden that makes the torture feel far away. Warnings: angst, torture
  • Meet The Mom Ghost Edition

    Charlie drags Draco into the haunted Malfoy Manor to get him over the fear that his mother blames him for her death. Warnings: angst, loss