• Something Old

    Petunia's wedding is supposed to be a day of happiness for her, she has met the love of her life, Vernon Dursley, if only Marge wasn't making her life a living hell before giving her the "something old" for her wedding day.
  • High Stakes

    If it seems like Severus is up to something, he usually is, it just isn't what Hermione thought it was
  • Charms And Stolen Hearts

    Harry is surprised he got inducted into the Quiddich hall of fame, and although Bill helped him prepare a speech, he has something a bit different in mind.
  • Strictly Professional

    Neville gets along with all the other teachers, and everyone knows he is great at Herbology, so why does Cedric Diggory avoid him?
  • Family Drama

    Ron takes over the twin's joke shop, because George is so depressed. Percy comes in trying to say that he is an embarrassment to the family, but Percy's tantrum embarrasses Ron and Hermione in front of the customers.
  • Seducing The Sheriff

    Wolfstar MuggleAU, Remus is fishing by the lake when a man attempts to steal his fish, instead of taking him to jail, he decides to feed the man instead.
  • By The Smile Of A Child

    Harry's secret relationship with Draco leaves him in a situation he never thought a teenage boy could ever be in, will the boys step up to the challenge? Would Draco recognize the changes taking place within himself to become a better man? Warnings: mpreg, teen pregnancy
  • The Surface Breaks

    Hermione's parents don't understand what is wrong with their daughter, believing her to be possessed by a demon, her father starts to beat her with a cat and nine tails whip. The internalisation of her magic triggers her becoming an Obscurus. This results in her parents being murdered by a "shadow" because she doesn't realise what she is becoming.
  • Rumour Has It I'm The One You're Leaving Her For

    The rumour mill says that Cedric Diggory might not be interested in Cho Chang after all, but was using her to make Harry jealous, and Ron believes it, until it becomes clear Harry isn't interested. Only then does he learn who Cedric really wants.
  • The Man By Her Side (has driven her to insanity)

    Ron has had many girlfriends over the years, but that was only because none of them compared to Lavender Brown. Is it too late to fix what has happened and get her into his life again? Or will he keep messing around with a string of one night stands?
  • Until We Meet Again

    Draco sees Harry in Gringotts, and their eyes meet for the first time since they've finished school. He notices Harry is kicking up a fuss; he is going through a divorce with Ginny as they have grown apart. After the death of Astoria, Draco realises that there has always been more to Harry than meets the eye.
  • Smoke and Fire

    Wolfstar Fire fighter AU
  • In The Comfort Of Dreams

    After the war, dreams no longer plague Harry, they comfort him.
  • Harry Lupin-Black

    Harry's childhood with his adopted fathers Remus and Sirius
  • My Cup

    AU! The Triwizard Cup is a portkey, but what if it fails to transport Cedric and Harry into the graveyard? Peter considers it to be a stroke of luck.
  • Midnight Mud Fights

    James sneaks out alone to find Severus in the middle of a thunderstorm, and they have their one on one confrontation, that Severus would have won, if James didn't cheat, but he wasn't going to let anyone call his girlfriend names.
  • City Of Gold

    Remus and Sirius are in the middle of a forest, looking for an ancient treasure, not expecting to come across a bunch of people who they convince are gods, using their magic, but Severus Snape, the local shaman, discovers they are fakes. James Potter is the chief.
  • Draco's Mum

    This story shows the development of the relationship between Narcissa and Theo. Cross-gen, large age gap, infidelity, suggestive content etc.
  • Origins Of The Canadian Chatticus

    This is a story about how the only dragon species capable of human speech originated. PS. I created them, they aren't in the HP books.
  • Troubled Parselmouth

    Draco faces his fear of being even more isolated due to his unique gift of being a Parselmouth. Harry discovers Draco's shameful secret, and thus it changes what would have happened. He finds Draco outside the Chamber of Secrets.