• Aboard Space Shuttle W00F

    Sirius gets imprisoned on a spaceship, constantly sending messages without reply only to discover the object of their affection never received said messages.
  • Becoming Dadfoot

    Sirius and Minerva need to learn to get along, for Harry, but Sirius doesn't know who he ends up falling for the older woman, but he does know he wants to be taken seriously as a father figure for Harry. Cross-gen
  • Our Family

    Hermione has been wanting to start a family with Padma, but she isn't sure what Padma is going to say. Thanks to Parvati, the two of them discuss the prospect of having children. Warnings for angst and failed attempts at pregnancy in chapter 2.
  • Honeydukes Outing

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione walking around Hogsmeade and enjoying a weekend away from the castle.
  • Love Is In The Air

    Draco wants to prove to Harry that he has changed- and he knows of one way to do it, that nobody would expect from him- throw Harry a birthday party.
  • A Good Omen

    Remus and Sirius go on a romantic camping trip, just the two of them.
  • Harry's Crush

    Neville trips over a branch, and Harry sits banding his legs as the rest of the group go on ahead. MuggleAU
  • The Emerald Lion

    Harry gets dared to smack Draco's ass, but Draco has no idea who did it, but discovers the lion tattoo and realises it must have been his soulmate. Shaking hands with Harry, Harry discovers that he is Draco's soulmate, and asks if Draco has a tattoo as well, knowing the location of said tattoo, and wants to see it.
  • Beach Life

    Draco loves exploring different places and travelling all over the world, and he meets the perfect man on the beach, and it's love at first sight.
  • Honour And Loyalty

    Draco wants the one thing he can never have- Harry Potter. Because he is a Malfoy, a Death Eater's son, and no, he wasn't gay at all, no way.
  • Heart's Fire

    During an Auror stakeout, Kingsley and Harry can't use their wands, and it starts to rain, so they need to conserve body heat by curling up together. Warnings: Suggestive content and nudity.
  • Just Me And My Bike

    Sirius is building a flying motorbike, there is nothing weird about that, is there? warnings crack fic, suggestive content
  • For The Record

    Harry receives an important letter of thanks from the one man he never thought would thank him for saving his life.
  • Luna's Lovers

    Wing!Luna, Luna is a fairy, who realises that Draco Malfoy is her soulmate, now how does she tell the wizard the truth? Although Neville discovers the truth about her, and falls in love with her as well, she initially believes her true love is only one man, could it really be both of them?
  • Flirty Thirty

    AU- Lily takes James to Petunia's birthday party, as Severus (her boyfriend) refused. Where James decided to introduce himself to Vernon, and the two have a surprisingly good time and they hit it off. James recognized Vernon as being in an advert for plus sized gay butch men. Warnings: Smut
  • Abducted

    MuggleAU- This takes place in Washington DC. WPD is Washington Police. Spiked drinks, attempted abduction/ abduction, allusions to worse.
  • Jump

    Once Harry realises that Hermione and Ron aren't romantically interested in one another, after another particularly loud argument between his best friends he wonders if he would be bold enough to make his secret confession known, but Ron takes matters into his own hands.
  • Cappuccinos And Cocktails

    Despite Harry and Ron going back to to Number Four Privet Drive, despite Dudley's attempts to make up for the past, Harry is reluctant to reconcile, and after he leaves without even making sure Ron is with him, Ron sees how distraught Dudley is, that he really wanted to make amends, and the two of them bond.
  • Aurora Flowers

    Ron and Neville get captured by a large area of Devil Snare, barely managing to get out, and Neville realises he had been right to take a chance on Ron.
  • No Reason To Be Afraid

    Lilianna Potter is afraid of the dark, but there is no need to be afraid when you're the daughter of Harry and Draco Potter.