• Dead End

    Severus tries to convince Lily she doesn't belong with James but fails miserably. All he ends up doing is forcing their friendship into a dead end. Warning: Sexual References
  • Just Happy Beginnings

    Puff!Harry, showing tolerance to anyone, regardless of affiliations. Not growing up with the Dursleys- because the poor child deserves some happiness in his life. He is reluctant to leave for school, worried about living up to expectations
  • No Typical Fairy Tale Princess

    Hermione and George go to the masquerade ball, but someone pretends to be George, and he is intent on proving his worth.
  • Meddlesome Headmistress

    Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy sign up as teachers of Hogwarts, how were they supposed to know the headmistress was plotting to get them together?
  • Moon Landing

    Harry and his father are planning a trip to the moon, who will they meet along the way?
  • Let Me Heal Your Heart

    Bill finds Harry hiding out in the Burrow, feeling sorry for himself, and decides to take him out. Both men realize they have feelings for each other, and time heals all wounds. Bill/Harry
  • The Puppet-master

    Lucius Malfoy is a man of stature, and he is not above using his status as a means to reach an end. Set during Chamber Of Secrets
  • Are You Happy Now?

    Draco wants more out of his secret relationship with Harry and they get into a big fight, and he ends up getting more than he bargained for.
  • Going On A School Trip

    MuggleAU! Luna and Ginny are in Hogwarts Reform School, and they find a way to make the day a little more interesting Warnings: Drug use, hallucinations
  • Songbirds and Starlight

    Regulus Black is a Slytherin, and as such it shouldn't surprise you the lengths he goes to get his girl. Pandora/Regulus.
  • Confessions

    Marauder MuggleAU. High School drama. Remus and Sirius are forced to go public, Lily needs to tell Severus they are just friends. Wolfstar
  • Special Birthday Boy

    AU! Harry lives with Sirius & Remus. Wolfstar (Sirius/Remus). Harry is turning 5 and his godparents decide to get him a special birthday present.
  • The Kitchen Wench And The Crafter

    The Birth of A founder, the meeting of Helga Hufflepuffs parents.
  • Birth of Lightning

    This story follows Olympe Maxime as she grows into adulthood, and showing us her affinity for Abraxan horses. School: Durmstrang Year: 4 Theme: [Era] First Wizarding War 1945 – 1990 Prompt[s]: Main: [Creature] Abraxan Horses Additional: [Setting] A known magical school (Beauxbatons Academy), [Weather] Thunderstorm Word Count: 1800 Beta: HecateA & NinjaDevil2000
  • Face to Face with Fluffy

    Harry needs to find the perfect gift for Lily's birthday. House: Hufflepuff Year: 4 Category: Standard Prompt: [Animal] Spider(s) Word Count: 1203 Warnings: Arachnophobia and minor PTSD/anxiety [Note: I have not read Cursed Child] Beta: Aya In honor of George, Kuro's bathroom spider.
  • Meeting Of Founders

    Helga Hufflepuff is a curious and social young girl who just wants to make friends.
  • Dance If You Want To

    Why does Draco throw his best friend a birthday party? To get his man, of course. House: Hufflepuff Year: 7 stand in (with permission) Category: Drabble Prompt: [Event] Birthday Character: Blaise Zabini Word Count: 498 Au-Canon
  • I Put Them On A Boat

    Dumbledore and Snape make a bet, sending their students off on a journey to see just who was right, and who needed to pay up.
  • Unconventional Introductions

    Blaise finds out his mother had placed a curse on his biological father before he was born, not only does he find a possible solution, he also meets someone unexpected in the process.
  • Bye, Bye Auntie Bella!

    Draco Malfoy cannot understand why his Auntie Bella has left and she doesn't come and visit anymore. House: Hufflepuff Year: 4 Category: Standard Prompt: [Time Period] Pre-Hogwarts Era (Golden Era) – One prompt per team Word Count: 1325 Warnings: Magical Creature torture/abuse. Au Canon, alteration in timeline For: Verity – without whose bunnies I would have been lost!