• Fragments of Hope

    AU The smallest action can alter the course of the future. But even in a world where Remus and Tonks survive to know the peaceful times after the war, there are still obstacles to overcome, prejudices to fight, decisions to make and evil to subdue. And for a new generation, these challenges are proving just as difficult, in their own way, as the ones their parents knew before them.

  • The Pink and Silver Lining

    Remus had come to his senses at last. Dora was her bright, pink-haired self again. Soon they would be a family. And that was enough. A guiding light through the darkest of times. A reason to smile, an excuse to laugh, even if the future looked impossibly bleak. One last, beautiful year for two people who deserved so much more. The final chapters in a story that ended far too soon.

  • Between The Lines

    "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on." The reason that Petunia took her nephew in. Snape's reaction to Lily's death. Peter Pettigrew's slippery slope to becoming a traitor. And more. The stories of those characters who, often hated, rarely understood, have a streak of good inside them too. [Series of Oneshots. Complete for now].

  • Worlds apart

    Before they were Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, they were just friends. But it was an improbable, even highly unlikely friendship on first glance. [Oneshot for now]

  • A Lone Wolf's Reflection

    "If it makes him go back to Tonks, it'll be worth it, won't it?" The aftermath of Harry's harsh words to his father's best friend. Remus Lupin thinks back over his childhood, his schooldays as a marauder, the terrible years of war and the love that has grown between himself and Nymphadora Tonks. He thinks he doesn't deserve her. What will change his mind? Complete

  • A Lone Wolf's Reflection

    Remus Lupin looks sadly at his worn reflection in the mirror, and thinks back over his years at Hogwarts, and the days when Sirius,Peter, James and Lily were still by his side. Seven wonderful years and so many happy memories. When did it all change?

  • The Turn of the Tide

    In a rare moment of solitude, Harry finally has a chance to say goodbye to his fallen friends. A tribute to those who died in the second war.

  • His Only Birthday Wish

    On the night before his seventh birthday, Harry has a dream. How different this day might have been if the ones who loved him had been around to celebrate it with him. Oneshot.