• Quietly Observant

    Violet Merryworth likes to be alone. Violet Merryworth likes to blend into the crowd. Violet Merryworth also dislikes her uncle. So when she gets wrapped up with the Golden Trio by her third year of Hogwarts, life gets a little more complicated. Long fic, eventual Harry/OC. A bit fix-it in some cases.
  • The Bet

    The Hogwarts staff room was perhaps the most secretive place at the school. Not because of conversations about personal lives or badly behaved students; No, it remained confidential because of the professors placing bets on which students would end up together. Unfortunately the student Violet Merryworth put in a spanner in the works. Ties in with my fic "Quietly Observant."
  • Quietly Observant

    Violet Holland likes to stay out of trouble. She likes to be left to her own devices. She likes to keep her head down. All the same, only she would manage sitting in the compartment of the trouble-finding trio, so it all goes to pot from there. PoA and beyond.
  • Broken Hearts

    Alice Carter and Eric Northman's relationship is seemingly damaged beyond repair. What would it take for Alice to listen to Eric? How far would Pam go to get Eric to confess his feelings for the human woman? Separating from each other may not have been the best solution... Eric/OC. Second in a series.
  • Fizz, Buzz, Have A Banana

    Sherlock and Katrina try their hand at some ridiculous games... then things get out of hand. Three-shot. Sherlock/OC