Laid-Back Brit

  • Farewell, Cousin

    Kyle’s cousin has died. The young Jewish boy is surprisingly upset by the passing of his relative whom he resented while he was alive. As he grieves at the gravestone, Stan, Cartman and Kenny join him to offer so-called comfort and support in their own ways…

  • Yellow Verses Pink

    Pac-Man and Kirby are competing against each other in a different kind of event; an eating race! Eating is something the two competitors excel at. Which one of the two will come out on top by doing what they do best?

  • Memoirs of an Extra-Terrestrial

    E.T. writes up his story about the adventure he had on Earth before he eventually returned to his planet - but not without leaving behind a little something for the world to remember him for…

  • First Jedi Lesson

    Anakin is about to begin his Jedi training under the mentorship of Obi-Wan. Now that he is a Jedi with an apprentice to pass on his skills to, the wise Master is detirmined to teach his young Padawan the very first facts all Jedi-in-training should know about the Force…

  • To Smash or to Superstar?

    Sonic learns about two amazing events coming up that he would love to take part in. Unfortunetly, they happen to be taking place at the exact same time. This means he can only attend one of them. Which will it be? Such a difficult decision to make really takes its toll on the blue hedgehog.

  • Getting Taller

    Kairi notices that Sora seems to have gotten taller lately. The young Princess of Heart wonders if the boy who has towered over her all their lives will grow tall enough to leave her behind. Fortunately for her, Sora finds a way to show the girl he cares about so much that will never happen at all. One-shot.

  • The Battle to Decide All

    Tyson and Kai are about to engage in an intense Beyblade battle. This one will decide which of the two rivals is the better one overall. Everyone gathers to watch this gripping event. It certainly proves to be a battle like no other as they proceed to let it rip…

  • How Much We Need You

    As Futaro snoozes in the school library which his head in a book as usual, Itsuki joins her snoozing tutor, reflecting on all they had been through since the studious boy entered the lives of the Quintuplets - and how much all five of them really need him. One-shot.

  • Harry Potter and the Cheesy Spell

    Harry Potter has been requested to meet a strange, eccentric muggle who wants him to use his magic to grant him something he badly desires. Who is this stranger? What does he want from the famous boy wizard? Will he get what he really needs?

  • A Party Like No Other

    It's Seamus Finnigan's birthday. All of the other Griffindor students have gathered to throw him a party - complete with a birthday cake baked for him by Hagrid! It doesn't take long for this birthday party to turn out to be a real blast for all attending… One-shot.

  • Mario Goes Tetris

    Mario wakes up to find himself trapped in the wrong game. Instead of his colourful levels full of quirky characters, the Italian Plumber finds himself stuck in a chasm where blocks are falling left, right and centre. What is this game? What is the goal with all these falling blocks? And who is the player at the controls?

  • Mayday Aboard the Arwing

    The Arwing blows its thrusters out and flies out of control through space - with the whole crew on board. Fox tries to take control of the situation as the rest of the team brace themselves as they head for a crash-landing on an unusual planet - which looks strangely familiar…

  • A Party Like No Other

    It’s Seamus Finnigan’s birthday. All of the other Griffindor students have gathered to throw him a party - complete with a birthday cake baked for him by Hagrid! It doesn’t take long for this birthday party to turn out to be a real blast for all attending… One-shot.

  • Thoughts on This Strange New World

    Sora’s thoughts as he wakes up to find himself on a strange new world unlike any other he has previously visited. The young Keyblade Wielder can only wonder where he is, how did he get here - and what has happened to his appearance? One-shot, Sora’s POV.

  • Another Payne-Filled Nightmare

    Max Payne once again finds himself having a creepy trippy nightmare. The luckless cop has had some really bad dreams in his awful life, but this one has to be the worst yet. This one will find him having to face a horrific truth that he really cannot ignore…

  • Sora Goes Smash

    At long last, Sora has joined Smash! He has been invited to take part in the Ultimate Tournament! The young Keyblade Wielder eagerly goes to meet the legendary fighters of many generations he will be competing against. Will they all accept the spiky-haired newcomer?

  • Longing to See You

    While studying as usual late one night, Futaro finds himself looking reflectively on the photograph of the mysterious girl he met in Kyoto five years ago. He reflects on where he is now thanks to her, how she made him become a better person - and how he hopes for her to one day come back into his life…

  • Built to be Heroes

    Two minifigures observe Bricksburg from a clifftop together. It is their duty to protect this city and its many inhabitants. One of these minifigures has much experience of being a keeper of justice behind him. The other has only recently decided to turn his life around and become a hero - but does he have what it takes yet?

  • The Clumsy Jedi

    While on a mission together, Anakin and Obi-Wan find themselves ambushed by an army of Battle Droids. Against Obi-Wan’s orders, Anakin takes it upon himself to deal with the onslaught - but the young Jedi gets rather reckless and makes a big mistake…

  • May the Keyblade Be With You

    Kingdom Hearts/Star Wars crossover. Sora finds himself in a brand new world - where everything seems to be contained in space. There, he encounters his newest enemy to defeat; the evil Darth Vader. An intense battle breaks out between the spiky-haired boy and his Keyblade against the Sith Lord and his lightsaber. How will Sora come out on top of this one?