• Cat got your tongue?

    Harry successfully manages his animagus transformation. And that's about all he's able to manage. Daphne's insistent attention seems entirely unmanageable for him and his poor heart. Slight AU.
  • Unseen

    One day Harry noticed Daphne Greengrass. No one else did. / Complete? Maybe? AUish
  • Silence is Golden

    [...]Harry never remembered that. But he figured that it didn't matter. After all, Speech is Silver, but Silence is Golden.
  • Jane Potter and the Hounds of Magic

    The daughter of James and Lily Potter bears a burden greater than all, a harsh destiny looms over her. As one of Merlin's last descendents, she has to carry the mantle of Emrys and battle forces beyond the grasp of mortal understanding. Fem!HarryxGinny. Fluff and Epic magic!
  • Harry Potter: The End is just the Beginning

    My beginning for a crossover with just about whatever I can come up with. Let me know what you think and choose one of the options I give at the end of this little piece.
  • He wanted a Puppy

    A puppy. One of these cute little buggers. That was exactly what he wanted. One would think that he'd despise dogs, given his past with Ripper, his aunt's rabid dog, but Harry actually very much felt like he needed one. Right now. It may have been half past two in the wee hours of the morning and everyone at the Burrow was still asleep, but nothing would stop him from getting one!
  • Sending Moonbeams

    Unrelated HP/LL one-shots. Fluff and some comedy at times, I believe. Adding more as it goes. Happy reading!
  • The Beholder

    Beauty, or so they said, lay always in the eye of the beholder. And as Harry was about to loose his composure while beholding Luna, he could with absolute clarity say that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Or.. beheld. Or just gawked at, really. Same difference! HPxLL!
  • Holding You

    "Because Love, it is what you do best. It is what makes you strong. What makes me strong. So, let me Love you, Harry, because that's what I want to do."
  • Harry Potter was

    A long shot of H/G, written in Ginny's perspective with a slightly different Harry. Years 2-7.
  • Soul Shots

    Some fluffy bits of nonsense I wrote some time ago! Enjoy the soul bond Hinny fluff!
  • Of souls and magic

    A soul bond one-shot (for now). Hinny, because theres never enough of that.
  • A tale of Time

    "He has no core. Not a trace of magic that would indicate his magical parentage. He is born as if the two of you were muggle. He does not have the gene that makes a wizard a wizard, not even what makes a squib a squib. He is just a normal, healthy baby. Just without the magic. I don't understand why it is like that, but it is. Harry has no magic whatsoever."Pairings not yet decided
  • Jane Potter and the hounds of magic

    Jane Lily Potter grew up unaware of the magical world. But the magical world was well aware of her and yet they missed a little detail. Jane was blind. The killing curse did not simply pass the baby girl. On her 14th birthday, an old friend of the Potter family finds her to take her from her abusive relatives. Fem!Harry/Ginny. Very AU, quality increases as the story goes on.
  • Life after death

    "I died. Just like that. My soul, I... I could feel it leaving. Do you know what that feels like? Well, I hope not. Anyways, it was strange. Dying in itself may cause pain. The burning, the tearing and all that. But the very moment I died? No, no pain. It was ... elation, I guess. Pure relief. Freedom! Soothing and cool it took everything." "But you are here."
  • Enough

    Hermione pushed Ron aside with a look that promised a whole lot of nagging and had Ron groan internally. "Harry ran away. Somehow Voldemort has tuned him crazy. He accused the headmaster of messing with his life, planning everything that had happened to him, even the incident with the chamber of secrets and the basilisk." Or: the day Harry decided that it was enough meddling.
  • Broken Shackles

    Harry is freed from slavery and returns to a world full of mad wizards, Dark Lords and irresponsible use of magic. With a new Mistress and some mad dragons, telling him to be their King, how will his life turn out?