• Child of Fire, Child of Ice

    AU of Goblet of Fire wherein Harry does not accept his fate happily, but, instead, goes to adults for help. With Snape and the Order's help, Harry realizes that Parseltongue is not the only skill he shares with Voldemort.
  • Whistling a Symphony

    Set during the Season 4 ep "Serpent's Venom," Daniel is struggling with the build-up of loss in his life. Sarah Gardner was just taken by Osiris, very close to an anniversary Daniel is not looking forward to. The tension within SG-1 is getting to him. Perhaps there's a solution - a fairly easy solution - but it's going to take a heart-to-heart with his taciturn best friend.
  • Phone Calls from John the Baptist

    They were quick to send Daniel away, to drug him, and restrain him behind padded walls. They called him schizophrenic. His sickness created by the Stargate, Daniel's greatest achievement. From diagnosis to hypothesis to treatment, there must have been so much more that went on behind the scenes. And surely Daniel's friends - his family - wouldn't abandon him so easily.