Star Gazer2

  • Callista Vale

    This chronicles a female Death Eater named Callista Vale. Callista is very close to Voldemort, and has an extremely powerful talent. There is a bit of MWPP in here, but not much. Please R/R! I don't know if I should continue it or not. Hope u like it!
  • I Stand Alone- James Potter's Story

    This is Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, and Lily/James story. It is narrated by James Potter, and, in this story, his father may not be completely good. In my own, quite biased opinion, I think it's good, but please...see for yourself! R/R!
  • Voldemort

    AAAH! Another Brittany Spears ::flinch:: filk! I couldn't help myself! This one is about Voldemort and how he might be...er... KINDER than he seems. Please R/R. It's my first filk.
  • The Eye of the Storm

    This is just a weird little story I wrote. I'm gettin' pretty tired of the 'I Stand Alone' series, so I decided to write something new. This is very short, and it's about what happened to Dumbledore after he took Harry to the Dursleys. Reading the 'I Stan