• Mirror Me

    Two short, almost-but-not-quite related short stories of the world only knowing chaos and the heroes only knowing agony. *Cross-posted on AO3 under user "apodius".

  • CSI: Privet Drive

    Harry Potter is dead, the aurors won't tell anyone what's happening, and Dumbledore needs to know what happened to his precious little golden boy. It's just Severus's luck that Dumbledore decides that he would make a good investigator. *Cross-posted on AO3 under user "apodius".

  • Visus

    What if James Potter was less mature? More impulsive? Maybe even a bit bigoted. And what happens when someone uses a charm (which wasn't in any way tested) to ensure an heir? Here are the repercussions of the aforementioned changes. (Cross posted on ao3 under user "apodius") (Rated M just in case. There will be violence and death.)

  • The Talents of Harry Potter

    A very stereotypical 'Harry realizes Dumbledore and Voldemort are bad people and becomes powerful/knowledgeable' fanfiction. (Oneshot)