• Submerged

    Prince Eric washes up on shore after a shark attack bite that nearly claims his life, but he does not expect the woman who saves his life to be the siren of the sea he's been hunting for months ever since she saved his life on his 21st birthday. When he wakes, he's dismayed to learn the exiled woman who looks like the siren is not a mermaid, and she harbors a dark secret, like him.

  • Duality

    Written for a friend. AU. Quirrell survives Potter's attack. He's left scarred, left with no choice but to accept the help of former friend and Healer, Kya Eriksen, the only one in his life who was kind to him. As he heals, he struggles with the dual aspects of his personality, but which will win out in the end, the kind-hearted man that Kya adores or the servant to the Dark Lord?

  • Unknown Love

    It's hard to know what will happen in our lives, as broken hearts have a way of finding each other when needed the most. George is still reeling over the loss of Fred. His world is turned around when he saves a witch's life washed up on the shores of Tinworth. Sage Ironwood and George form a friendship that blossoms into more, though Sage harbors a dark secret. She's a Death Eater.

  • What Once Was Mine

    Rapunzel is plagued with nightmares following Mother Gothel's death, though she finds peace and happiness in Eugene as broken hearts have a way of finding each other when needed most. However, her happiness is threatened when her parents refuse to let her marry Eugene, forcing the couple to flee Corona and make a new life for themselves, but old haunts threaten their happiness.

  • Discord Over Dinner

    Linguini has a question to ask Colette over a romantic dinner that does not go as planned, though fears he has made a grave mistake as Colette is not prepared to answer, while Remy helps the couple through their shared struggles. A short story. 3-4 chapters.

  • Uprooted

    What if Belle was the one to curse the Beast? Maurice has long since kept her mother's identity a secret from his beloved daughter, but when the Prince of their lands takes him captive, Belle's magic reveals itself and an accident causes the Prince and his servants to transform. Belle must find a way to break the curse she's set on him, though her magic leads to consequences.

  • Finding Hope

    We know the story of Remus Lupin, but of his parents? Lyall Lupin is sent to investigate a dense Welsh forest to rid Cardiff of a vicious boggart but does not expect to save a beautiful young woman's life or to learn her name, Hope Howell. Becoming smitten with her as time passes, Lyall struggles to tell Hope his greatest secret: that he's a wizard, but how will she react?

  • A Perilous Power

    Witch Alice Raywood has spent the last year hiding from her past. But when she accidentally stumbles across an unconscious man and his house-elf and takes him in to try to heal him to numb her pain, it leads to consequences. Barty Crouch Jr.'s obsession with her begins to grow. Her love of another wizard becomes unacceptable to him. Sharing has exactly never been his strong suit.

  • Whisper of the Dead

    AU. Ginny Weasley has suffered immensely since her body was possessed by Voldemort all those years ago. Following the BOH, Ginny seeks to make a fresh start for herself by joining the Holyhead Harpies, though before she can mend her broken heart and repair her relationship with Harry are tested when new threats make themselves known & threaten to take away all she loves. Hinny

  • Monster Lines

    Repost of Completed Fic on Ao3. Madellaine is ordered by her master Jehan Frollo to avenge the death of his brother, Claude, a year after the events of the infamous attempted siege of the cathedral. He orders her to get close to the cathedral's bell ringer to seduce the man with intention of destroying him, but what he doesn't count on is her falling in love with him.

  • A Veela's Value

    Sequel to Between the Lines. AU. Welcome Witch for St. Mungo's and Veela Norah Jameson has longed for a connection all her life, but can't bring herself to trust the men in her life, thinking they only want her for her beauty, but when she meets Auror Ollie Brennan, her world changes, though when Ollie's past comes back to haunt him, her relationship with him is suddenly tested.

  • The Wolf of Winterfell

    AU. Sansa has given up on ever having a peaceful life, but the pain is too much. Numb and accepting of her duty, she weds Ramsay Bolton and tries to make the best of her situation to try to numb her pain. But as his obsession with her begins to grow, her love for the people of the North becomes unacceptable to Ramsay. Sharing has never been one of his strong suits. Sansa/Ramsay

  • Changeling's Vow

    Werewolf Nicky Hold visits Slughorn after the Battle for a favor. With his help, she finds work as an assistant shopkeeper for Mr. Borgin, only to learn that her new coworker is none other than Draco Malfoy, who has since fallen from grace following the Battle's aftermath and is forced to work with her while rebuilding his life. Nicky tries to teach him that beauty is found within.

  • Lies of the Cursed

    Remus Lupin makes werewolf Norah Jameson an offer she can't refuse: to flee Greyback's Pack and start a new life for her infant son, Jax, with one caveat: she must join the Order and become the partner of adult Obscurial Ollie Brennan, as no one else wants him as all who get close to the violent wizard winds up dead. Desperate, she agrees, though her choice leads to consequences.

  • The Ghost of a Rose

    To protect Belle from Gaston's rage, the Beast Prince sacrifices himself in the process. Now, Prince Adam must ensure Belle's happiness and a secured future, from beyond the grave. Beast/Prince Adam/Belle & Belle/OC. Rated T.

  • Unknown Love

    AU. Gaston survived his fall off the cliff during the confrontation with the Beast, with one minor caveat: the curse was passed on to him, effectively turning him into a hideous Beast for his cruelty and wickedness. Stripped of his former life, with no support system, Gaston finds hope when a kind-hearted woodcutter and his daughter take him in and learn what love means.

  • A Whole New World

    Gen is a djinn and the last of her race. She does not expect to be free, but Aladdin frees her. As Gen promises to do what she can to help her new master win Princess Jasmine's heart, Jen is dismayed to learn she's falling in love with Aladdin from Agrabah, and if Aladdin would give her a chance, Jen would give him the world, but forces seek to tear them apart. Aladdin/Femme Genie.

  • Within These Woods

    What starts out as a calm ski vacation over winter break for Nancy Drew, Frank Hardy, and their friends, quickly turns into a fight for survival as the group of college students realize that they are not alone in the remote part of the Wisconsin woods. As the drama builds among them, something lurks in the forest, watching them, growing bolder. Pairings: Francy.

  • A Second Chance

    AU. Remus Lupin returned to Fenrir Greyback's camps following Dumbledore's death, but his heart pines for Nymphadora Tonks, his partner in the Order, and the witch whom he loves more than anything else in the world. Remus soon realizes the depths of Fenrir's treachery upon his return to the Pack, as word is received that Dora Tonks has gone missing. Rated T.

  • The Ghost of Grimmauld Place

    Harry has made it a habit of avoiding sorting through Sirius's things since his godfather's death. But one day, he learns that Grimmauld Place has been home all along to an unexpected haunt: Former Order member Marlene McKinnon. The witch tells Harry her life story and how she came to be the wizard's silent, unseen guardian over the years, even after her death.