• Broken Rule

    Severus survived Nagini's attack in the boathouse, but it leaves him scarred. Broken, he is forced to accept Healer Dahlia Hawthorne's care, who looks like Lily. He swore never to let another in. She could help him heal his wounds and teach him what it means to love, as broken hearts have a way of finding each other when needed the most, but only if Snape lets her in. Snape/OC.

  • So Much More

    Barty Crouch Jr. is a wizard who knows exactly what he wants, until Alice, that is... Hogwarts era, pre BCJ's attack on the Longbottoms, Barty ruminates over his obsession with Alice and how to win her heart. One-Shot, companion to a longer piece in the future. Complete, Rated K.

  • Something Within

    AU. Voldemort has been defeated, but Umbridge remains in power. Auror Ollie Brennan has returned to honor his commitment to Umbridge and his job, but his heart pines for Norah Brennan, the werewolf he loves. Ollie soon realizes the depths of Umbridge's treachery, as word is received that Norah is missing. Can they find their way back to each other? Can they rebuild their love?

  • Her Handsome Hero

    Sequel to Midnight Rose. Gaston/OC. Gaston is left with his love for Claire and his regrets over leaving her alone during a hunt that results in an attempt on his life by his father. While Claire, devastated & determined to move on with her life following his betrayal, has been left with so much more than just Gaston's memory. But can they find their way back to each other?

  • A Second Glance

    A car accident leaves Nancy Drew-Hardy with no memory of the accident or of her life before. Her husband, Frank Hardy finds his wife wandering outside lost and takes care of her during a particularly violent storm. Frank, with the help of their family and friends, tries to help his pregnant wife remember their life, but will it be enough or will Nancy's memory be lost forever?

  • A Greater Power

    AU. Barty Crouch Jr. tricks Alice into marrying him by means of the Unbreakable Vow when she comes to him before graduation to ask a favor. As his obsession with his new wife begins to grow, her love of Frank Longbottom becomes unacceptable to Barty. Sharing was never one of his strong suits, though he learns there's an even greater power than lust: Love. Barty Crouch Jr./Alice

  • Whisper in the Mist

    AU. Remadora, Hope-Lyall Lupin. Lyall Lupin tells his five-year-old grandson, Teddy Lupin, of the fateful night that he met Teddy's grandmother, a young Muggle woman named Hope while walking in the woods when Hope Howell comes across a rather vicious boggart taking the shape of a man and tries to attack her while on her way home from work in Cardiff. The two meet and fall in love.

  • The Devil's Smile

    AU. Anya Oaksdale is sent on a mission by Voldemort along Barty Crouch Jr. to recruit giants for his cause. Much to her surprise, she becomes attracted to the man she once spurred as she bears a liking to Alice Longbottom. Can she open her heart to him and take the chance to love again, as broken hearts have a way of finding one other when needed most, or are they doomed to fail?

  • Daughter of Broken Things

    Tonks has given up on Lupin loving her, but the pain is too much. As she sinks further and further into depression, she turns towards an unlikely alley for help: her Aunt Bellatrix, to numb her pain. But as her ingratiation into the Dark Lord's services begins to grow, her love of another man becomes unacceptable to her new partner, Dominic. Dark Tonks/OC, with shades of Remus.

  • Leagues Between Us

    AU-HBP-based. Short story. Tonks leaves to investigate a few werewolf attacks following Lupin's rejection of her feelings. An accident causes Tonks to wind up in St. Mungo's, and she is forced to accept the help of the man she loves who left her while she heals, but can Tonks find it in her heart to forgive Remus? Can they rebuild their lives and their love during her recovery?

  • Silent Sign

    Tonks is forced to work uncomfortably with Severus Snape when her godson, newborn Rhys Brennan, is kidnapped by his uncle. An accident in Snape's teenage years left his hearing damaged, but Snape has managed to hide his disability enough that no one, save a few, notices. No one but Tonks, that is. Tonks's relationship with Remus is tested when she learns the cold, hard truth.

  • A Greater Power

    What if Alice never married Frank Longbottom? Alice has given up on Frank loving her, but the pain is too much. Her parents arranged for her to marry Barty Crouch Jr instead. But as his obsession with her begins to grow, her love of another man becomes unacceptable to Barty. Sharing has never been his strong suit as he learns that there is greater power than lust: love. BCJ/Alice

  • Forsaken Forest

    Reeling from losses from the BOH, Ginny seeks peace in the Forest and doesn't expect to find Neville there. While traveling through the Forbidden Forest, Neville and Ginny get lost. Neville finds himself having to work hard to protect her as his friend continues to get herself into one situation after the next, while Ginny realizes she might be a magnet to misfortune. Rated T

  • The Killing Moon

    AU. Remus Lupin is undercover at Greyback's encampments serving as a spy for the Order, but his heart still yearns for Tonks, the witch that he has fallen in love with. But Lupin soon realizes the depths of Greyback's treachery, as the word is received from the above-ground that Tonks has gone missing. 18 chapters.

  • Before Us

    AU. Norah Jameson does not expect to find survivors combing the wreckage of the aftermath of the BOH. But when she finds a battered man buried beneath the rubble, life has given her a second chance as she takes Death Eater Ollie Brennan to her home to recover from his wounds. Ollie had gone to the BOH to die after a family tragedy. But he never expected to find a reason to live.

  • A Moment Alone

    A Severus/Lily One-Shot. Lily Potter greets Severus Snape upon his death in the Forbidden Forest and Snape is finally given the chance to apologize, but will Lily accept his apology? Spoilers for Snape's fate in Deathly Hallows. Do not read if you have not finished Book 7!

  • Son of the Wicked

    AU. While traveling through the Forbidden Forest to apprehend Barty Crouch Jr., Frank, Alice, and Remus get separated. Barty finds himself having to work hard to protect his best friend as she continues to get herself into danger. Alice learns she has a talent for trouble. The Forest is full of peril. Alice hopes Barty will sympathize with her and change before she ends up dead.

  • Ten Minutes

    Ten minutes was all it took for her life to change. Alice is assigned to Auror Frank Longbottom when the young witch joins the Order. Alice is soon threatened when former classmate Barty Crouch Jr. sets his sights on the witch to bring her to Voldemort for questioning, but can Frank, in his growing attachment to Alice, manage to keep her safe? Fralice, First Wizarding War era.

  • Never Alone

    Werewolf Norah Jameson is ordered by Greyback to infiltrate the Order to kill Remus Lupin and his partner to avenge the death of a fallen comrade, but along the way, Norah develops an intense friendship with Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin, and falls for another Order member in the process, but will her new friendships be enough to cause her to defy her master?

  • Between the Lines

    AU. Young struggling witch Norah Jameson is working in her father's financially strapped bookshop in their wizarding village, with weekly visits from her friend, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, and their 6-year-old son, Teddy, to keep her company. A tall dark stranger catches her eye one day. Little does she know catching the eye of Death Eater Ollie Brennan leads to consequences...