• Worth the Risk

    Following an Order mission gone horribly wrong that results in Tonks becoming gravely wounded, Tonks meets Lupin in St. Mungo's and Dumbledore assigns Lupin as her new partner for the year, and during the painful time of healing as the young witch recovers from her injuries, she slowly begins to warm up to the man and falls in love with him. Remadora.
  • Salted Wounds

    Summary: A missing couple of segments from Before the Storm, including the Burrow Attack by Bellatrix Lestrange during Christmas with the Weasley's, following the aftermath of the Burrow Attack. Remadora Fluff.
  • Unforgiven

    A brief one-shot of Helena Ravenclaw's final moments as the Bloody Baron fatally stabs and mortally wounds her.
  • Cloaked Heart

    Before Harry was born, the wizarding world was at war. This story covers the First Wizarding War during Voldemort's rise to power. Frank Longbottom meets new Auror at the Minsitry of Magic, Alice Foster, in a time of uncertainty and war and quickly begins to develop feelings for the newest member of the original Order of the Phoenix. Detailing the life & times of Frank and Alice.
  • Before the Storm

    When Tonks is kidnapped by Greyback, Lupin must confront his true feelings for her. Broken hearts have a way of finding each other again. Rated T
  • Perfect Match

    Tonks meets Remus Lupin at Grimmauld Place one night over dinner, and forms a friendship with him over the course of their mission to infiltrate Fenrir Greyback's camp that leads to something dangerous, more than they bargained for, but broken hearts have a way of finding each other when needed the most. Tonks is kidnapped. He must put aside his fears to save her. Rated T.
  • Unbreakable Vow

    Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks are destined to be together, but Lupin is worried for their unborn child and the stigma he's attached to his wife and child. It's up to Molly to make them see sense and become a true family.