• The Secrets That Hold Us

    In a society, where only boys are allowed to go to school, Lily disguises herself as a boy to get into the school. She struggles to hide her identity as she falls in love with James, while Sirius and Remus strive to hide their attraction towards each other in a school that is intolerant to boys loving boys. Multi-chapter AU Fic with Jily and Wolfstar.
  • Love Between the Parchment

    It's the beginning of the Marauders' seventh year and Hogwarts has created "Anonymous Owl Letters," or AOL, a program in which students are assigned to write letters to other students anonymously. The lines between acceptance and prejudice become blurry as James, Lily, and the rest of the Marauders try to differentiate who is a friend and who is a foe. Mainly Jily and Wolfstar.
  • Pranks and Falling In Love

    It all started with one prank from a silly boy in glasses. Can Lily fall in love with the boy who tries to get her attention by humiliating her?