• Autopilot

    A sequel to Fresh Start. The story continues seven years later, in 2005, with Cullens coming back to the US. Can't say much more as it will surely spoiler Fresh Start for those who haven't read it yet. All couples are cannon, rated T for minor suggestive adult themes.

  • Fresh Start

    Isabella Marie Swan-Black. She grew up in Godrick's Hollow and went to Hogwarts when she turned 11. Her life changed, however, when she was pushed through the veil during the battle in the Ministry of Magic. She wakes up in 1695 after being saved by Carlisle from drowning. What is she going to do now? The story mainly concentrates on Twilight, all pairings are canon.

  • My life started in Biloxi

    A quiet town of Biloxi Mississippi, where nothing ever happens. Or so my parents thought when they moved here with me and my two sisters. I was born Isabella Marie Brandon. In 1905 my human life ended at 17 years old. This is my story. All pairings are canon.