• They Symphony Of The Soul

    When Sandra breaks her engagement with Albus, she leaves to France to escape the damage. However, when she finds out something shocking, she might have to reconcile with Albus to make things work out. And she realizes as she starts to understand the symphony of the soul that even though she had left him, she still loved him. But did he love her? And can they make it work?

  • The Harmony Of Heartbreak

    When Rose Weasley's lover is killed by dark magic, she vows never to love again. At twenty four, five years later, she flees to France to heal her broken heart. However, she is confronted by Scorpius Malfoy, Albus's best friend. Absorbed in the harmony of heartbreak, she finds that she CAN fall in love again, while she and Scorpius heal each other's broken hearts.

  • If Always Was A Promise

    Ginny Weasley is sent to St Mungo's when she robs herself of her memory. Now powerless, with no magic nor memory, she's left with her family, whom she doesn't remember. However, with love from her family and help, can she recover? And what about the ex-boyfriend she had fallen in love with? Does she still love him? Sequel to 'Always And Forever'. I recommend reading that first.

  • A Long Time Coming

    Lucy Weasley, who is very popular, has always lived in a life where her parents were disappointed with her and favoured her sister. She's always been strong but they say Seventh Year is the hardest and that is certainly true in her case. Will she be able to make it through with everything going on? And what happens when she finds out the person she needs is right in front of her?

  • Metawolf

    Nymphadora Tonks, Metamorphmagus, never dreams of falling in love when deciding to join the newly established second Order Of The Phoenix. Remus Lupin, our beloved werewolf, has no intention of love when joining. But opposites attract and that's certainly the case for these two. Follow Lupin and Tonks through their relationship, till the very end. Tedoire included in the epilogue.

  • Potter's Ex-Girlfriend

    Ginny Weasley has never felt so broken hearted as in her Sixth Year. With the Carrows as her teachers, Snape as headmaster, Harry away from her and her grief so very great, this year is the perfect one to be recorded in a diary. What did happen to Ginny while Harry was on his Horcrux Hunt? You can find out here!

  • Something's Never Change

    Andromeda's life is filled with heartbreak, love, hate, loneliness and death. When a young author offers to write a book solely on Andromeda and her life, she decides that, since she has only a week to live anyway, she wants to leave something behind her for people to remember her by. Pls suggest a better title in the reviews.

  • On The Way

    When Ron and Hermione broke up, Hermione left the Weasleys to become the first female Wizarding detective. But then, Charlie is brutally murdered and Hermione must work together with Ron to solve this mystery. But, as they go on, they find themselves falling in love. But the Wizarding world is in danger. Hermione must solve this mystery, before she's the only one left to do so.

  • Once In A Lifetime

    Oliver Wood and Katie Bell have been best friends for almost their whole lives. They're there for each other when things are hard. But then something snaps and the two fall in love. But Katie is engaged to John Pilmouth and is struggling to admit her rising feelings. The two have only ten days before Katie and John's wedding. Will they tell each other about their feelings in time?

  • The Other Way Around

    When Harry is enrolled a special mission by Dumbledore's portrait, he is forced to bring his ex Ginny along. As he goes into the Marauders' Seventh year, he finds that this year's going to be more than what he ever imagined. Especially when the Marauders and his mother began to suspect that there's more to their DADA professor than meets the eye. And Ginny might still love him.

  • Always And Forever

    When Harry breaks up with her, Ginny flees to France to heal her broken heart. When she is sure it's safe, she comes back to London. But when she becomes friends with Harry again, she realises she still loves him. But Harry is too busy to notice that Ginny is falling back in love with him and maybe he is too. Can they find love in, maybe, a new war?

  • The Way She Saw It

    Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince was, of course, from Harry's perspective. But this is the story of Ginny telling her family her story throughout her fifth year from her pint of view. The ups and downs, the bad and good, that made up Ginny's favourite year at Hogwarts.

  • Just The Way You Are

    Lily Luna has always been shadowed by her famous family. But then she grows up and she's popular. And, though she would never admit it, she maybe is growing feelings for friend, Frank Longbottom ii. But does he return her newly found feelings? And if he does, can they together when Frank's sister is dating Lily's older brother?

  • I Will Always Love You

    Hermione's life is in chaos. She's trying to help and comfort her pregnant friend, Ginny Weasley, ignore the rumours that she's with Harry Potter and has to choose between her childhood crush, Ron Weasley, and her ex professor, Severus Snape. The summary is not good but pls check it out.

  • Who's Ginny dating?

    When George finds Ginny crying, he is sure someone has broken her heart. But nobody seems very bothered about it so he decides to take it into his own hands. I know the summary sucks.