• Unsent letters

    Draco Malfoy has been keeping a secret stash of letters hidden from view, each unopened, worn and addressed to the same bushy-haired Gryffindor. One Christmas, Hermione Granger finds out about them. Dramione.

  • Something right

    Ron, Draco and Harry discover the delights of fanfiction. Dramione.

  • Funeral promise

    Draco apologises to Fred at Fred's funeral, believing that no one is around. Dramione

  • The Valentine Ritual

    Hermione and Draco meet to mourn the martyrs of the war every Valentine's Day. Dramione.

  • Hermes' secret

    After a shocking and scary prophecy is written about Hermione Granger, she is forced to adopt a secret identity abroad at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry ,as Hermes Orion. For her own safety, Hermione must keep her true identity a secret ,even when she starts developing feelings for a certain blonde Slytherin. Dramione.

  • Something much more

    Draco is back for a remedial year at Hogwarts with no friends at all. Soon enough ;however, he finds a bushy-haired bookworm trying to slither her way into his life and he doesn't really like what he is feeling towards her. Is it friendship or is it Something Much More? Dramione.

  • A fateful first detention

    Hermione and Draco manage to accidentally switch their bodies around. So ,unable to tell anyone, they have to live as each other for a term ,learning more about each other than they wanted to. Not everyone is what they seem to be. Dramione in seventh year

  • Gym and Dance

    How much can a Gym and Dance competition change someone's life? A lot. An already infatuated Draco Malfoy; new friends and a letter from a muggle friend.

  • Give me one reason to trust you

    Hermionie wakes up from her nap to find Draco Malfoy in her bedroom ,asking her for help with a plan to defeat Voldemort. Hermionie accepts the offer ,not knowing that it had just changed her life. Dramionie

  • Revenge is sweet

    Ron has publicly cheated on Hermione with Draco Malfoy's girlfriend ,so when Draco Malfoy himself apparates into her house ,she takes his 'farfetched' plan of revenge to get back at the Weasel. She pretends to date him. Dramione.

  • Mudblood to Pureblood

    Hermione comes home from her sixth year to find out that she is a Zabini and is actually a pureblood; Blaise Zabini is her twin and that she would be living in the same house as Draco Malfoy for the summer. Chaos ensues as Hermione fights her overpowering feelings for Draco and Draco constantly tries to seduce her into his arms. Dramione. Side pairing: Blinny.

  • Granger Reunion

    Hermione Granger wants to keep her engagement with the famous ,Draco Malfoy, a secret from her extended family ,but when she is forced to go to a family reunion with her annoying and dumb cousins, will the truth come out? Dramione. One-Shot.

  • Slytherin Potter and Malfoy at The Burrow for the summer

    Harry and Ron are both sorted into Slytherin ,at the start of their first year and make friends with a certain Draco Malfoy. The 3 of them become the school's most feared bullies. For their summer after 5th year they stay at the Burrow ,only to find their worst rivals (Hermionie ,Ginny and Gabby (Hermionie's sister)) staying there as well. Elements of HG/DM and HP/GW.