• Monday’s Aren’t Always Bad

    A young girl is infected with lycanthropy and left abandoned by her muggle mother. Six years later she’s working at a pub in eastern Wales when she discovers theres a different, magical world waiting for her. Rated T to be safe, mild language, OC.
  • Cammie’s Monthly Outing

    When death eaters send young Hermione to 1971 with a rarw timeturner and nasty bite, they laugh knowing theres a good chance the small witch will never return. Cast in the marauders era, no speak of Harry or Ron. Rated T for chapters to come.
  • Stuck in the Past

    When Hermione’s first year of Hogwarts is just around the corner, she’s in the market for her school supplies at Diagon alley. When she discovers Knockturn alley, she decides to explore and maybe buy herself a little treat. Little does she know that the quill she picks out for herslef at Borgin and Burkes is a dangerous object used for timetravel.
  • Harry’s Secret

    Harry Potter has a secret. He his foully abused by his rotten relatives, the Dursleys. He’s managed to hide his malnourishment and injuries from the wizarding world by casting a glamour charm on himslef. He wouldnt even begin to think what wouldhappen if somebody found out his deepest, darkest secret. Rated T for strong language and abuse.
  • Harry’s Secret

    What will Harry do when he finds out that Fred Weasley saw him perform the glamour charm on himself? Chapter two of Harry’s Secret. Rated T for strong language and abuse