• In Between

    The mystery surrounding Hermione (McGonagall) Granger's paternity is answered obliterating her world. At least she can console herself with the knowledge that the start of the next term is only ten weeks away and then she can put everything into a tidy little box and pretend like it never happened. Or so she thought.

  • Devil's Angel

    Through means of fate and some none too subtle manipulation, Hermione finds herself thrown back in time to the First Wizarding War where she finds herself unable to resist the dark, magnetic pull of Severus Snape - loyal Death Eater - despite the best efforts of time, age, warring alliances, and reason that threaten to rip them apart.

  • Sidelined

    When Marcus Flint suffers a potentially career ending injury, he gives up hope of ever winning the World Cup. However there's never been a challenge that Hermione Granger can't conquer. With ten weeks till the start of the pre-season she has her work cut out for her but nothing has ever been impossible for the Golden Girl. Except maybe not falling In love with Marcus Flint.

  • Emerald Princess

    Severus Tobias Snape, had been tasked as a spy for her father, a bodyguard and enforcer of sorts for her, and to whom she had been promised in marriage to upon her eighteenth birthday within hours of her birth eleven years ago. slow burn, arranged marriage, Hermione is Voldemort and Bellatrix's daughter

  • The Resurrection Witch

    With magic crumbling, the Sacred Twenty-Eight ambush Hermione and sacrifice her life for an ancient ritual that will resurrect several of the dead families. Angered by the betrayal, she comes back to life with a vengeance and an army of ten soul bonded Death Eaters, all of whom are ready to bow before the Resurrection Witch. Dark Hermione; reverse harem

  • Tea and Tissues

    When kisses in the night rain turn to flu-ridden snuggles in the afternoon light. Or when Marcus kisses Hermione senseless in the cold rain and comes to care for her the next day when she's contracted Kelpie, the magical flu that is sweeping across the Wizarding World.

  • Family in a Time of War

    They were happy. Blissfully so, because they had each other and the small miracle that grew inside of her. Their baby proved that even in a time of war, something as pure as love could be found. That even in the worst of situations, one could find and build their own family. That there was always hope for a happily ever after, no matter how dark the tale was at the start.

  • Love in a Time of War

    Their love story wasn't a conventional fairy tale - at least not any of the ones that had been washed through time to become suitable for children's ears. But in the midst of a never ending war, they had found each other in the most unlikely of ways and were forging ahead to carve out their own idea of happily ever after. Marcus/Hermione one-shot

  • Fateful Hand

    "What do you say to us making things a little more interesting tonight?" "What do you have in mind?" He asked, smirking at his hand, his overconfidence rolling off of him. "If you win, you can leave with my broom. The Hermes 482, to be specific... And if I win, I get to spend tonight with your girlfriend. Prized possession for prized possession."

  • Star Crossed Through Time

    In her sixth year, Hermione Granger travels back to 1979. While there she falls in love with a much younger Severus Snape. On oppisite sides of a war and seventeen years of time between them, just what will her and Severus be willing to risk and sacrifice to be together? Cross-posted

  • Soulful Surrender

    They had failed, the war was lost, and blood supremacy reigned with a madman as its king. Hermione Granger is only spared from the culling when the executioner takes an interest in the exposed birthmark on her shoulder. Trapped within his manor, she's forced to coexist with the man who had betrayed them all... Severus Snape... her soulmate.

  • The Return of an Heiress

    With his daughter, Hermione Granger-Riddle, forced to enroll in Hogwarts, the Dark Lord recruits the most promising of students into her guard. If chosen it's a pass into the Inner Circle but there's one catch... Her guard won't just bear the mark of a loyal Death Eater, they'll become her husband. Hermione Granger/Severus Snape/Regulus Black/Evan Rosier/Rabastan Lestrange

  • Torn Affections

    For all he has sacrificed, Death offers to wipe the slate clean. Severus, as he is now, would be healed, his memory of the last nineteen years erased, and de-aged to take the place of his eighteen year old self. In exchange, his younger self would come forward through time and get to live a life of his own, free of the Mark, free of two masters, and free to love again.

  • Star Crossed Through Time

    During Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts, she travels back to 1979. The first Wizarding War, is heating up, Harry's parents are still alive and not yet marked for death, Peter Pettigrew has yet to betray his friends, Severus Snape is still deeply embroiled with the Death Eaters and has made his way into the inner circle. While on opposite sides of the war they fall in love.