• The Clockwork Army

    It's a dire time for the wizarding world. Albus Dumbledore has issued a grave warning that Lord Voldemort is attempting to return to power. Harry, however, is having absolutely none of this and has instead elected to leave the country. But Harry is about to find out that the New World means new troubles, ones he could never have imagined. The clock is counting down. But to what?

  • Bad Press

    When Rita Skeeter's first article drops in Harry's fourth year, the contents are quite a bit more favorable toward Hermione Granger, describing her as Harry's one true best friend, always stalwart and by his side, and constantly sneaking looks. Much to Harry's chagrin, he realizes that she has a bloody point, doesn't she? What's a boy to do?

  • The Cosigner

    Harry Potter wasn't the first person entered into the Triwizard Tournament against his will. In fact, it's happened enough that there are rules in place to discourage such a thing. When Harry finds out that the binding magical contract spoken of so severely isn't actually binding him at all, but rather his mysterious cosigner, he decides to forego participation completely.

  • Engaged

    Harry Potter realizes he has feelings for Hermione Granger. Simple enough, right? Something to cope with, but maybe there's a way to make this work? Except Harry didn't arrive at this conclusion until seconds after she's announced her engagement to Ron Weasley. Forced to cope with this revelation at the worst possible time, what's Harry to do?

  • Baba O'Riley

    They looked at us and saw what they wanted to see. A rich boy. An aristocrat. A hanger-on. A boy with a dark secret. And a brain. More than that, we were Gryffindors. And we were Marauders. Without the influence of the house of snakes, with the company of four raucous boys instead, will a very different Snape escape his canon fate?

  • The Squib's Daughter

    People loved to point out to Mafalda Prewett (often to her face) how very nosy she was, which she always thought a silly thing to express. Her nose was of a perfectly average size for her face, thank you very much. Was she inquisitive? Very much so. Did it get her into no small amount of trouble? Endlessly. Was she planning to stop? Oh, heavens no. Hogwarts awaited, after all.