Beautiful Storm Munroe

  • Death Eaters: I know what you did

    Regulus finds out the truth behind Narcissa's first miscarriage.

  • The Black Swan

    As Narcissa mourns on the one year anniversary of her loss, Cygnus decides to pay her a visit; and make demands of her.

  • Death Eaters: Toxic Kiss

    There is suspicious evidence that Narcissa's miscarriage was not natural causes... and Walburga intends to confront the culprit.

  • Death Eaters: Nova

    Walburga has to explain to her children why they won't be having a new cousin.

  • Death Eaters: Leo

    Narcissa is suffering a miscarriage.

  • Death Eaters: Poisoned Child

    Narcissa is pregnant coming home from Hogwarts, but suspicions fly that it isn't Lucius's child... and Abraxas Malfoy will do anything to keep his bloodline pure.

  • Tears for the Innocent

    After Harry escapes, the Malfoys all suffer a severe punishment, but what was Narcissa's? And what consequences could arise from such a punishment.

  • Family and Loyalty

    Narcissa was never one to support Voldemort; but when it involves her family, she would do anything. Covers events not seen in the movies.

  • A Mother's Love

    What if Voldemort found out who the real owner was before he killed Snape? How far would Narcissa go to protect her only son?

  • Protection

    When Narcissa is threatened, what will Lucius do?