• A Smart Harry! One Shot

    A one shot short Harry AU second year and Summer. Not first person POV or any back and forth.

  • Harry Potter and Three Other Universes!

    Harry goes to the Dc, Marvel, and Game of Thrones Universe. Harry loves impregnating women in all four universes. AU AND OOC. Don't like like don't read! Rated M for Death and implied, but no explicit sex.

  • Tonks Goes A Little Crazy!

    Tonks married Remus, because he got her pregnant. Tonks had been interested in Harry seven and a half inch wand. This is a one shot and a bit dark.

  • The Elves Have It!

    Just a little one-shot of what Harry could do, following what Dobby did second year.

  • Short Sequences To Turn Into Full Stories!

    Short Sequences To Turn Into Full Stories! Can be read and use in your own, if you want!

  • Sue The Kitsune And Her God Harry!

    [(Up for Adoption as not sure will finish.)] Sue was the last Kitsune in a Harry Potter Universe. She decided to help him. He was a sex god. She decided to go to a parallel universe that was only a bit different to train her master and god from childhood. Rating M, but no explicit sex, just inferred.

  • Universes Collide! HPMarvelPokegirl!

    Lily is a version of the Phoenix, she came from a different Multiverse! James snagged her with Family Magic. Pokegirl balls come through Lily's portal with the half feral girl, X-23. Only have a bit of second chapter. So very slow updates.

  • Harry Potter, The Never Ending Story, Right?

    Massive AU. Not sure if will finish before I die, so... If you want to, go for it to finish. Trying to not due M. Child rape, but not graphic.

  • All the Chapters of Plots Will finish some stories

    All the Chapters of Plots. Will finish some stories. These are the chapters that hit me; it was to bad I uploaded everything, as Comp did not crash after all. If you wish to use some of this, go for it. Will Try to put in order for yo, so you can do.

  • Revenge, Best Served Cold!

    One Shot AU! Character Deaths and implied underage hanky panky. Peter goes off the deep end on the train. Serius has escaped.

  • Lily Tries To Save Them And Opens A Portal!

    Lily is a inter dimensional being. She loves her Harry and at the last minute, finds she is pregnant with twin girls.

  • Harry And The Frying Pan!

    A sick, short, one shot. Abuse, betrayal, and brain damage!

  • Harry Potter And The Granger Girls!

    Up for adoption. A marauder and later post GoF story. Not sure if I will go farther, as it just hit me as I was doing my AO3 Freak meets Genius! It could be a great story. Grey or Evil Dumbledore. Post Tom Riddle, but will Albus believe it, or is he crazy!

  • Time After Time, Again And Again!

    Just a short idea that someone can fill in to be a great story!

  • The Real Epilogue If She Planned Those Pairings!

    A very short epilogue, if she planned it, but not planned the cursed child garbage(obviously I don't like the cursed child). Any cursed child would go back to make it H/H or to marry Harry.

  • That's Line-theft, Dumbledore!

    A very short story. The Disclaimer is at the start of the story, which is less than 300 words. It's a what if at the start of the fourth year!

  • Lily Lives, Sort Of

    Lily has back up plans to the ninth degree. The only problem was her foot was outside the runic enchanted array. Her elf back up plan came into play, but took her two years to integrate with Tilly the Elf.

  • A Powerful Magic

    A Powerful Magic is one of the few plot bunnies, I might continue. It is AU.

  • Other Races Love Harry!

    Harry is a Progenitor. No explicit but much implied sex, birth, and will have death later! Brought over as orphaned on AO3, thought only way to get out of account.

  • Wild Magic: Harry, Luna, & Nymphadora

    This is a one shot AU. If you with to take this story and run with it, be my guest. Rated T for implied things. One or you could argue three, Deaths. I'll be dead before I could get back to this, as I have to much to complete. The internet was down, this plot bunny hit me upside the head, so typed it out. Enjoy, complete the story, whatever!