• Meddling

    When five students appear in the middle of a potions classroom several years before they were born there are some consequences. This is a wee bit ranty and sweary and if its not your thing, please avoid. This idea was inspired by Cleotheo future echos (if you haven't read you should.)

  • He just wanted a scotch

    It's Friday, Severus just wanted a drink and some peace.

  • A New Chapter

    When Hermione's life falls apart, she disappears, Severus isn't sure why it bothers him as much as it does.

  • Without the Beaded Bag

    Under an unexpected time constraint, Dumbledore gives Hermione an untested contingency plan to use in the event Voldemort looks set to win the war. As with all plans in this universe, nothing quite goes the way they expected it to.

  • Advent

    Introducing Draco to an Advent calendar. This is massively AU, no Voldy, and utter fluff. Chapters will likely be teeny tiny. Rating is for language.

  • Finding Cassie

    Cassiopeia Narcissa Malfoy disappeared when she was eight, several years after the war, Narcissa is finally brave enough to rehang their family tapestry. None of them expected her face to be looking back at them. How forgiving will she be once she realises who she is? T rating is for language.

  • Watching her

    He wasn't allowed to want her, but he did.