Always A Dragon

  • Just another 365 days

    In 1978. with the future of the Wizarding World in question, The Ministry enacts a Marriage Law. Lily Evans and Severus Snape are paired together, but with the loss of their friendship many years ago, can they ever be happy? Written for the IWSC Season 2 Round 10.
  • The Dare

    Michael and Thomas, both strict rule-followers, are forced to enter the most forbidden house in Britain. Moony, stuck inside the Shrieking Shack, tries to reach the thing he wants most. What happens when humans and werewolves meet? Written for the IWSC Round 9 Season 2.
  • The Truth of Reality

    The War effected people in different ways—and sometimes they didn't even realise it. A look at Draco, Astoria and Narcissa, and their reactions to change. Written for the IWSC Round 7 Season 2.
  • The Price of Power

    Scabior wants respect, and he wants power. But one person—and their knowledge of him—stands in his way. The truth could destroy everything. Written for the IWSC, Round 6, Season 2.
  • Letters, Love, and Envy

    When Sirius receives a certain letter from Walburga Black, his entire world is shaken. Why is it him that has to deal with an insane family? Written for the IWSC Round 5 Season 2
  • How to Make a Monster

    Ronald Weasley and Lavender Brown was a terrible relationship. But what might have happened had Lavender been slightly less forgiving? AU, involving an OOC Lavender Brown. Written for the IWSC Round 3 Season 2.
  • Tales in the Moonlight

    12-year-old Jill Thompson's life has been wrecked by a single bite. Now a Lycanthrope, she must deal with all the horror that comes with it. She's not the only werewolf at Hogwarts, though. Remus Lupin is, too. But how can they deal with something that drains Jill's life force with each passing month? Updating regularly.
  • Unexpected Visitors

    It's not the pleasantest of experiences when your best friend unexpectedly turns up in your living room fireplace. In fact, it's kind of annoying. Especially when they're drunk.
  • Freedom

    During the last task of the Triwizard Tournament, Bartemius Crouch jr. remembers. His father had been cold and cruel, but perhaps it doesn't matter anymore. AU, Written for Round 1 Season 2 of the IWSC
  • This Tumbling World

    Two hearts. One is broken by grief, another by fear. Two people. One is a mother affected by death, another has been driven to insanity. A short tale of how a muggle and a death-eater exchanged a few words.
  • Ministerial Decree 39

    In Remus's fourth year, when a Ministerial Decree forces Remus to reveal his secret to whole of Hogwarts, things start to go horribly and predictably bad. How will Hogwarts react? How will Remus cope?
  • Turn away, Do not look

    "I have known very few happy moments in my life. To these memories I cling most dearly." Elisabeth is an oddity, a danger, the local "witch child". But it is the early 17th century, and to be an oddity is to court death. With her apparent powers growing, her family ignoring her plight and the hangman's noose lurking in the corner, Elisabeth needs both help and answers, right now.
  • Tea with a Death-Eater

    "Moody" -cough, Barty, cough- and Neville sit down and chat after the Unforgivable lesson. Set in GoF.
  • An Argument Between Ghosts

    The ghosts of Helena and the Baron meet in the hallway.
  • A Hard Decision

    A muggle born gets her Hogwarts letter, but the choice isn't exactly easy.