• The Boy He Failed, a Tom Riddle Story Book 1: Lights and Lacunae

    What makes a person capable of great, or even banal, evil? What would the life of a young Tom Marvolo Riddle look like if he was plagued by nightmares of events yet to come? Of the great evils he would commit in his quest for power and immortality? That's my question. This story takes place during his time at Hogwarts between 1938 and 1945. I thrive on constructive criticism.

  • Lunam Absconsa

    At 15, Teddy Lupin is slowly piecing together his father's monthly absences. This story follows his 5th year at Hogwarts, his growing reputation as a brilliant yet mischievous student, and his hidden relationship with one Victoire Weasley. Note: This story is an AU where Remus survived the Battle of Hogwarts. Also, due to the lack of canon, OCs abound. Within reason.

  • His Palms Were Sweaty

    After a teammate's injury in the previous match, James Potter is called up to start as a chaser for Gryffindor in the biggest game of the year: The Quidditch Cup. This is the story of James's first match, one he'll never forget. Note: due to the lack of canon characters in this era, OCs abound, within reason. If you liked it, or disliked, leave a review and tell me your thoughts!