• The Moonlit Series: Prequel - The Moon, the Sun, and All of My Stars

    Before Emma's story began, she was only a hope and a dream. Her existence wasn't meant to happen when it did, but when it does, everything changes. Sirius is delighted, Margaret is terrified, and the rest? Well...we all know how it ends. Read on to discover exactly how things turned out the way they did in this prequel and learn more about Margaret in the process.

  • The Moonlit Series - One Shots

    A series of one-shots that accompany The Moonlit Series. These stories are designed to be supplemental pieces to go along with the series

  • The Marauder's Child

    Emma Lupin was just settling into her new life when everything was taken away from her. Between new anti-werewolf legislation, secret meetings with Greyback, and discovering the full secrets of her past, her journey is just beginning. Stripped of her identity, Emma has to grow up and rely on unlikely allies to bring her family back together. Will anything ever be the same?

  • Devil in Disguise

    Emma Nickels copes the only way that she knows how - with whatever medication she has in her possession. Her teacher, Miss Sprout, takes notice and decides that Emma needs help. This earns Emma a one-way ticket to Hogwarts Institute of Psychological Wellbeing. Here, she enters a world of magic of her creation. Will Emma accept help or live in her fantasy instead? - moonlit au

  • Written in the Stars - a Moonlit AU

    Emma Lupin-Black did not expect to find herself with a massive crush while interning at her father's publishing house House of Black. Her plan was to learn everything about her father's business and eventually take over. When she found her assigned computer directly across from Greyson Fenmore, one of the marketing department's senior staff members, she knew she was in trouble.

  • The Moonlit Series: A Moonlit Christmas

    A daily, holiday themed prompt challenge of one shots to follow along with my AU series Moonlit. Multiple pairings, but primarily Wolfstar. None of these one shots will be linear and will cover multiple Christmas holiday moments in time, including prequel moments for the series. Rating is mostly G, but set for potential spice.

  • The Moonlit Series: Year Three - Daughter of the Moon

    Emma Lupin's second year at Hogwarts was terrible. Her third year is set to be her best year yet as her father is the newest Defense professor. However, there are two issues. There's a serial killer on the loose and her father is keeping big secrets from her. Will this be the year Emma learns the truth about her father? Or will this year's events push them further apart? -au series

  • A Window to the Past

    Emelyn knew she was different, but she didn't understand just how different she truly was. She's spent most of her life at St Nicholas Children's Home dreaming of the day she could finally leave. One day she receives a curious letter and in that instant, her world changed forever. More challenges await her at this mysterious school as she discovers the secrets of her past. [au]

  • The Moonlit Series: Year Two - Dark Tranquility

    Emelyn's life is perfect, or as perfect as a young witch attending a school of magic's life can be. But not everything is safe and sound at Hogwarts. Can Emelyn survive her second year of school with her own monsters as the rest of the school focuses on the reopening of the Chamber of Secrets? Or will she meet her fate to the demons she never expected? [au series/oc heavy]

  • Nursery Rhymes

    Greyback stalks out his newest prey one night. [one shot, character study/practice]