Clockwork Witch

  • Control

    Why does Harry listen to Dumbledore? A short glimpse of an idea I had about why.

  • All you did

    Sirius and Harry have a talk, per Dumbledore's prompting, and Harry has an outburst. Other information in the story!

  • I'll Stand by You

    Remus and Nymphadora talking and grieving together after Sirius dies. Added a bonus at the end

  • For tea and biscuits

    Harry talks to McGonagall in her office in 5th year, and this time Harry speaks back. Characters may be slightly OOC

  • Welcome to Wonderland

    Harry finds a kid on a night after an Auror was called

  • Just Clap your Hands!

    Harry notices a Ravenclaw in his year struggling, and goes to help. It turns into a dueling stage

  • D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E

    Harry wakes up from a nightmare and heads up to the astronomy tower. Snape finds him in his rounds, and decided to listen once Harry starts talking. Rating isn't a joke, some topics not suitable for younger kids.

  • The Strongest He'll Ever Know

    When Remus abandones a pregnant Nymphodora Tonks she handles it and then he tried to come back. Sorry for all who love Remus, I do too, but I can't ignore my plot bunny.

  • After the War

    Harry goes with Andrometa to the states after the war. They live their lives and try to enjoy life to the fullest. Way Less Sad AJR parody

  • Because I won't

    My version of Harry saying screw Britain. With some help for Sirius and Neville, its a lot of fun. Oh and a nosy jitterbug of a reporter.

  • I'll be here forever

    Harry and Neville have a conversation on the train, one that Harry will never forget

  • Sit Still, Look Pretty

    What if Harry couldn't take a hint? What if Ginny had to resort to a crude solution to solve it. Good thing her girlfriend doesn't mind! Rating for one curse word

  • The Nights with Sirius

    Harry and Sirius talk about some wise words of James. Tags: Family, Comfort, Sirius and Harry, Bonding