Juliette Taylor

  • The Green Flames

    Everyone wishes to know how James Potter - an arrogant, bullying toerag became the love of Lily Evans's life? But how did Lily went from being what-was-her-name Evans to James's everything? And How did Marauders came to be? (UPDATES ON EVERY THURSDAY)
  • Protector

    Marlene McKinnon caught the eye of rebellious Sirius Black and he didn't want anything more than to protect her. He is caught up in his feelings for her, the love for his brother and keeping his feelings under cover when she is harmed, while trying to figure out what even are his feelings? (M rating just to be safe)
  • Falling and Catching

    After the 5th year at Hogwarts, Lily Evans notices the "arrogant toerag" James Potter has changed. While it should be a welcomed changed why are Lily's feelings towards him suddenly conflicted? She is supposed to hate him, isn't she? But hate is not supposed to feel this way, right? Too many questions cloud Lily's mind as they enter their 6th year at Hogwarts. (T rated to be safe!)
  • See through my eyes

    The moment that we met, I knew that I was looking at a face I would never forget. After all in that moment when I first saw her I knew she will be my life, my happiness, because for the first time in a century, I felt hope. One shot of how Jasper and Alice met!
  • where two worlds collide

    "A Cullen and a Volutri guard can never be together" "Why not?" I asked my voice cracking, "You will know". Every love story has a hero, his lover and a villain – but this is a love story of a villain. This is a love story with no hero. He has lost his way until he lets her in and in return she changes his life forever.Explore their story as they fall in love like never before.