• Challenge Accepted 2021 Edition

    More challenge drabbles. There will be random pairings, all sorts of tropes, AUs, a bit of everything. Warnings will be listed in chapter if they apply.

  • So Fluffy!

    Cute little one shots full of fluff, multiple pairings, each pairing will be listed in chapter title. Rating just to be safe.

  • Dragon Lily

    Lily Luna Potter has a crush on her professor Draco Malfoy. What happens when he starts looking at the witch in a different way. What will her father, Harry, say about all of this? Nothing happens until Lily is 17, of age in the wizarding world.

  • Crazy, Mad, Insane

    Harry's not crazy, is he? Locked away by his aunt and uncle for believing he is a wizard, Harry tries to figure out the truth, to tell the world he's not insane, Warning: mentions of murder, insanity, being locked away

  • Changing her Fate

    It's supposed to be the happiest day in Hermione's life, marrying Ron, but it's not. Luna offers an unconventional solution, a way to go back and change one thing, to save one person. Will Hermione do it, and will she get her happily ever after?

  • Hate Turned to Love

    Rose Weasley hates Scorpius Malfoy, doesn't she? As they grow, can she keep feeling the same about him?

  • Redstar

    The new collection place for all my Sirius/Ginny fics! Will mostly be romance with some angst and humor mixed in! Remember to heed any warnings in the author's notes! Don't like, don't read!

  • Tales from the Burrow

    A collection of fics featuring one or more of the Weasleys. All different genres, plots, and themes. Any warnings will be listed in that chapter. Chapter one- Ginny thinks she's gotten away with stealing Charlie's broom

  • An O in Potions

    Random drabbles and scenes with Severus and Hermione. Rated for future chapters. Any triggers will be listed in the author notes at the top of each chapter.

  • Sleeping in the Tower

    Hermione wakes up unable to speak. Ron tells her she's been in a coma since the war. But things don't seem quite right. Warning: Rape, control of another person, manipulation, gaslighting, kidnapping, Ron bashing. HEA I promise!

  • Made to Be

    Severus confronts Hermione months after they break up. She's become an assassin, blaming herself and him for what happened to her one night. One night that Severus didn't know about. Can he save her from herself, from what was done? Warning: mentions of rape, murder, alcoholism

  • Snape Stories

    Stories featuring Severus Snape that don't fit in my other collections. There will be fluff, there will be family, there will be everyone's favorite potion's master.

  • Challenging Generations

    Challenge fics about the next generation. Will include AUs, canon, different genres, and whatever else is asked of me. All fic will be next gen though. Rating is to be safe.

  • Hermione and

    Title really says it all. This is a collection of Hermione pairings. There will be het. There will be femslash. There will be romance and one night stands. Paring will be listed in the title of each chapter. Rating to be safe. There will be some smut.

  • Something There

    When Draco and Hermione return for their eighth year of school, there is definitely something there that wasn't there before. For QLFC

  • Terra

    The long awaited sequel to Welcome Back? Ron is out of Azkaban with a new plan to win Hermione's heart from Severus. A plan that involves creating a golem. A plan that involves destroying Snape's name forever. Will he succeed? And what of the golem, will she be something more? Warning: Mentions of pedophilia (it doesn't happen, just mentioned)

  • Stuck With You

    James has a new plan to win Lily. He's going to stick the two of them together for 24 hours! What could go wrong? Jily Redstar pairings

  • The Darkest Dungeons

    This is for all my little ideas, drabbles, ficlets that are for adults/mature audiences. These will deal with suicide, depression, sex, and other darker themes. There will be trigger warning on each chapter.

  • Separated

    Padma and Parvati have always done everything together. Now, they're starting Hogwarts, will they be placed together and if not, can they forgive each other for wanting something else? For QLFC.

  • Chocolate

    Hermione's in Hogsmeade buying Remus a special present. She, however, forgot it's Hogsmeade weekend for the students.. and Remus. Will she be able to keep his gift a surprise?