• The Darkest Dungeons

    This is for all my little ideas, drabbles, ficlets that are for adults/mature audiences. These will deal with suicide, depression, sex, and other darker themes. There will be trigger warning on each chapter.
  • The Day She Arrived

    She wakes in the dark, without knowing who she is or how she got here. Rescued she needs to find herself and her place in this world. Possible time-travel? Rating because of future mentions of torture.
  • Challenge Accepted!

    This is will be series of one shots for various challenges from the forums, most from The Golden Snitch. Each one will list the prompt in the author's note.
  • We Solemnly Swear

    This is the new dumping ground for all my marauders fics. There will be fluff, there will be wolfstar, there will be jily. There will be odd questions and even more strange answers! But every fic will feature the marauders, and Lily! Rating to be safe!
  • The Potter-Granger Home for Children

    After the war, Hermione and Harry open a home for magical children, most of whom have been abused, abandoned, or orphaned. These are stories from their little home. Warning: There will be mentions of abuse, abandonment, but nothing too in depth.
  • Dragon Lily

    Lily Luna Potter has a crush on her professor Draco Malfoy. What happens when he starts looking at the witch in a different way. What will her father, Harry, say about all of this? Nothing happens until Lily is 17, of age in the wizarding world.
  • Challenging Generations

    Challenge fics about the next generation. Will include AUs, canon, different genres, and whatever else is asked of me. All fic will be next gen though. Rating is to be safe.
  • Famous

    Blaise Zambini is a famous model used to getting everything he wants. Will an encounter with Romilda Vane, who doesn't care about his looks, change things for him?
  • Will You Marry Me?

    A collection of proposal fics. All different pairings, including slash and fem slash. And no, the answer will not always be yes. Pairings listed in chapter title
  • So Fluffy!

    Cute little one shots full of fluff, multiple pairings, each pairing will be listed in chapter title. Rating just to be safe.
  • The Dogfather

    Pettigrew was caught Harry's first year, Sirius is a free man. Harry's whole life is going to be better, right?
  • An O in Potions

    Random drabbles and scenes with Severus and Hermione. Rated for future chapters. Any triggers will be listed in the author notes at the top of each chapter.
  • Meeting on Saturday

    In this birthday fic for Jetainia, Luna introduces Mortimer to her new friend Blaise and his basilisk friend Aurora! Happy Birthday Jet!
  • Two Princes

    "If you marry me, your father will disown you!" Wolfstar, royalty AU.
  • The Reason

    "Give me one good reason to stay." Ron and Hermione fight. Will she stay? Rating for mentions of sexual situations.
  • Promises

    "Don't make a promise you can't keep" Draco and Hermione talk about promises and the future.
  • See Who I Am

    After a potion reveals a long kept secret, Hermione learns the truth about herself. Pure-blood AU!
  • In the Bath

    Sirius misses the fancy bath at his parents' house. He makes a deal with Remus, chocolate and a date. Friend dates are thing right? Or will something reveal Sirius' true feelings? Warning: Extremely suggestive language. Wolfstar!
  • Her Little Flower

    Voldemort has won. Ron and Harry are dead, Hermione is on the run. Trying to escape the snatchers one night she encounters a strange little girl, a girl who has a broken time turner around her neck, a girl who says Hermione needs to find someone, the girl's father, in order to save the world. Who is the child? Is she who she claims? And who is this mysterious man?
  • Marked

    When Hermione discovers soulmates exist, and hers is Draco Malfoy, can the pair make amends and be friends? Set in their first year.