• The Perfect Snowman

    The twins help Ron build a snowman...who happens to look like a certain brother of theirs. Fluffy family fun and picking on Percy.
  • Maddie

    Fred and George's first year starts with a girl named Maddie. Who is she? What is she hiding? First attempt at a longer story. Rating to be safe. Fred, George, OC
  • Hair

    Rose tries to help her little sister Lyra with her frizzy poof of hair. Same universe as Rose in the Middle. You do not need to read it first.
  • Challenge Accepted!

    This is will be series of one shots for various challenges from the forums, most from The Golden Snitch. Each one will list the prompt in the author's note.
  • Remembering Hermione

    Monica Wilkins, the former Mrs. Granger, sees a book which triggers a memory. A single name, Hermione. Will she remember or will Hermione's spell remain to keep her mother safe?
  • Rose in the Middle

    Hermione and Draco have an announcement that will change things for Rose and Scorpius. In the same universe as my story The Kids. You do not need to read that first though.
  • Letters

    Harry and gang write letters to each other, Dumbledore, and Lord Voldemort. Insane Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
  • In the Mirror

    Soulmate AU: Lavender sees her through the mirror, her soulmate, her best friend. When tragedy strikes, will she be able to help her new friend? Warning: Canon character death mentioned
  • Finding Light in the Darkness

    Hermione is not the same after the war. She married Ron, Harry's run off to be a hermit, and nothing feels the same as it once was. Will a chance encounter help her find the light she's missing? Warning: Depression!
  • Marks

    Sometimes Soulmarks don't matter, sometimes they cause more pain than anything. Hermione's learned this the hard way. Marked to a man she doesn't love, who doesn't seem to love her. Will she finally have the courage to leave and save herself? Ron bashing!
  • Once Upon a Time

    King James and Queen Lily were killed by Lord Voldemort. Hermione is a princess who finds a journal belonging to one Sir Severus, the man everyone believed betrayed the throne. Can one fall in love with a book? Will Prince Harry save the kingdom?
  • Roar

    In a world where a red string leads to your soulmate, why does Amelia have two strings. Who are her soulmates, and will they all get along once they find each other?
  • Safe at Last

    Waking up from a nightmare, Draco's there to comfort Ginny. Soulmate AU! Trigger warning: PTSDish
  • I'm Coming After You

    Tonks is a detective assigned to investigate a museum robbery. Hermione is a reknown jewel thief. Will Tonks catch her or will she get away, taking Tonks' heart with her? Based on the song I'm Coming After You by Owl City
  • An O in Potions

    Random drabbles and scenes with Severus and Hermione. Rated for future chapters. Any triggers will be listed in the author notes at the top of each chapter.
  • Back

    After being declared dead, Severus has returned only to find his wife remarried. Hermione has a choice to make, will she pick her first love, or her current husband?
  • Not His Girl

    Hermione is a mail order bride, bought for Sirius Black. When he's not at the station to meet her, and Severus is waiting for his new assistant, identities are mistaken. Will Hermione end up with Sirius who isn't interested in settling down, or will Severus find a way to keep the girl who's winning his heart? Western AU
  • Almonds

    Jacob Kowalski has always been interested in watching his mother bake. One day she decides to teach him.
  • Illyana

    To spare Lily the pain of her husband dead and her son gone, her memories are altered by Severus. The plan was for him, her and her new baby to become a happy family. Entrusting her to Igor Karkaroff until he can get them both cleared, Severus is murdered. Rating to be safe.
  • Of Cabbages and Kings

    Insanity runs rampant though this story, Ginny has finally snapped. Follow her crazy ideas including pineapples and the wizarding mafia!