• The Last Resort

    In a world where Sirius lives and there is a portrait of Regulus Black in the Library of Grimmauld place and where things go so wrong that nearly all hope is lost, Hermione goes back in time with a sex ritual they find in the Black Family Grimoire. very canon non compliant.

  • Good Snake Bad Snake

    Albus Dumbledore's hiring habits leave a lot to be desired. Even if the choice of teachers weren't questionable, the methods are. Who would expect a headmaster to use blackmail quite so masterfully to keep his staff quiet about his regular bouts of negligence and ideas that put his students at risk? Thankfully there is one professor who has the heart and the means to help.

  • Thirteenth Sign

    what if Sirius wasn't the oldest Black brother? That's it, that's the fic. Read for a story where the Black household on Grimmauld Place isn't quite so overtaken by the trainwreck that is the Walburga-Sirius unchecked clash of titanic personalities as it is in canon. Stay for the adothe adorable Regulus and Sirius Black as eccentric small children

  • The Girl With Secrets

    I honestly started writing this as a 'what if Hermione was like Michelle in Spider-Man homecoming' In short, a new girl has appeared at Hogwarts and Regulus Black isn't the only person to find her frustratingly obtuse and incredibly strange. He is however, the only one she seems to pay any attention to in return Unfortunately that only seems to confuse him all the more

  • Raised by Giants

    When Hadrian James Potter felled Lord Voldemort, it wasn't only wixenkind who celebrated their newfound freedom. When the Chief Warlock then moves to leave their apparently beloved little Harry Potter on a doorstep, the creatures that step up to care for and raise the Boy-Who-Lived. The Boy-Who-Was-Left-Alone becomes something that no one quite expected AU CANON DIVERGENT

  • Love is Just a Potion Away

    Lily Evans finds she can't simply sit back and watch Regulus Black get drawn into the depravity and violence of the group calling themselves the 'Death Eaters', the fact that she keeps thinking about what he would look like as she kissed him awake in the morning was besides the point -but while we're on the subject, perhaps having two perfect boyfriends may better than one