• The Last Heir of Gryffindor (Original)

    Of the four Hogwarts founders, only the Gryffindor family remained strong, guidimg the world through the ages. That is, until Voldemort happened, wiping them all out in a single night, except Aeliana. The sole survivor of her house, she must decide between revenge for her family and love for her friend, Sirius Black.
  • The Final Triwizard Tournament

    What happened in the Triwizard Tournament of 1792 that was horrible enough to get it camceled for over two centuries? Meet the last, unwilling, Hogwarts champion and the mystery behind who was trying to sabotage the tournament and murder her specifically. Theres humor with some dark themes.
  • The Heir of Slytherin

    Once, during the rise of Grindelwald overseas, Tom Riddle was just a boy. An exceptional one, a manipulative one, but not inherently evil. Not yet. Then, seemingly by accident he met a girl with even more secrets than himself. At first, he thought he’d never seen a more pathetic looking girl in his life, although that soon changed.
  • The One Not Chosen

    October 1981: Harry Potter died Not foolish enough to leave fate up to chance, Voldemort moved to eliminate the other boy of destiny, Neville. The only problem: the Longbottoms managed to evade the Dark Lord for years, even after the Ministry fell I was born in secret. My brother Neville and I were inseparable, right up until I went against him and joined Voldemort myself
  • The Last Heir of Gryffindor

    All four Houses fell from grace, losinng their sway or simply having the direct male line die out, all except the Gryffindors. Aeliana, the youngest female heir, thought she had enough to deal with, having befriended the biggest batch of troublemakers ever, eapecially the eternal thorn in her side, Sirius, until Voldemort murders nearly her entire family and she vows revenge.