• I Get Along Without You Very Well

    Don't get her hopes up. Don't let anyone in. Don't risk her heart. These weren't the only lessons the tournament year taught her, but they were the hardest and Fleur Delacour learned them well. Until a girl with honey-brown eyes made her want to forget every one of them. Sequel to I Only Have Eyes For You. Fleurmione

  • Blame It On The Mistletoe

    Magical mistletoe that rang a tinkling bell after a kiss? Fairly tame for a Weasley game but when it came time for Hermione to kiss the annoying Fleur Delacour, there was nothing. Did the mistletoe hate them? How could she fail at something as simple as a kiss? Fortunately for her, the Veela had a competitive streak that matched her own. Fleurmione

  • The Dark End of the Street

    Hermione knows the pain she's causing in the woman she loves is coming to a breaking point. An interlude. Set 8 weeks before the events of You'll Lose A Good Thing. fleurmione

  • Tender Is The Night

    In a bid to keep from breaking one person's heart, Fleur does something drastic which prevents her from recognizing Hermione as her mate, but it doesn't prevent the love that grows anyway. A night of passion leads to heartbreak and so much more, putting two brokenhearted women on separate paths that lead right back to each other. fleurmione. Post-war. Canon divergence.

  • Cultural Exchange

    It started off as a throwaway comment in the library to demonstrate how ignorant the wizarding world was about the muggle one. And if the tall tale made the pretty French girl who sat at her table laugh at the ridiculousness, all the better. Hermione didn't really expect Fleur to believe her. But then she did. What was a witch with a crush to do? Fleurmione week 2021.2, day 7: free

  • Fleur Shows Her Colors

    Hermione comes home early from work and Fleur has something to show her. Fleurmione. Pride. Mildly sexy fluff

  • Neighbors

    Hermione's flat has windows that face the windows of a flat in the building next door. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that Hermione can't stop watching her neighbor. Oh, and her neighbor might just like her watching. Day 3, Fleurmione Week 2021.1, fw2021.1

  • I Only Have Eyes For You

    Prequel to You'll Lose A Good Thing. A dance introduces Hermione to possibilities she didn't know existed, possibilities she didn't know she wanted, but there's nothing to be done when the source of those possibilities has just married someone else. Day 2, Fleurmione Week 2021.1, fw2021.1

  • Mutually Assured Attraction

    Hermione Granger gets roped into giving motorcycle lessons to Fleur Delacour, and wants to ask her out, but very well may die before she gets to. Fleurmione Week 2021.1, day 1

  • Show Me Heaven

    Frustrated with a certain French girl that won't leave her mind, Hermione finds herself at a holiday party thrown by her friends and playing a hot and heavy Seven Minutes in Heaven with an unidentified girl who happens to be just as infuriating as the girl she's trying to forget. Fleurmione.

  • What We've Missed

    Hermione detested failure. She hated entering a new situation where she wasn't absolutely confident in her abilities to succeed. Dating women was one such new situation. She decided to arrange a no strings encounter but was not prepared for the feelings and memories it dredges up, feelings she thought she'd buried after she lost touch with a certain French woman. Fleurmione

  • Touch Me, I'm Going to Scream

    After five long weeks apart, Fleur is eager for her wife Hermione's return. When the day arrives, her patience is tested by delays, a long-planned birthday party for one of their friends, and a seemingly oblivious wife. Fleurmione. Rated M to be safe

  • Of Gloves and Warming Charms

    The Smartest Witch of Her Age finds her Gryffindor bravery being put to the test as an irresistible attraction to a visiting French student turns her mind to mush. Hermione Granger, who always does as she should to be a model student and witch, is faced with a choice: ask and take that which she most wants and desires, or let this uncertain chance pass her by. fleurmione.

  • Hermione is a Clever Witch

    Hermione has an epiphany (a giant, bullet-dodging, oh-so-relieved epiphany) after transfiguring her friend's features in an attempt to make him more palatable, which then sends her off to find a more suitable romantic partner. fleurmione. Day 6 for Fleurmioneweek2020

  • She Said What

    Hermione loves her position as pastry chef at new restaurant Delacour's but her gorgeous boss Fleur drives her crazy with her perfectionism in the kitchen and even more so with her apparent cluelessness about the way she phrases things. Fleurmione. Day 4 for Fleurmioneweek2020

  • Sweet Alyssum

    Hermione and Fleur tell the real story to their teenage daughter of how they got engaged. Fleurmione. Day 3 for Fleurmioneweek2020

  • You'll Lose A Good Thing

    When what ties you together is no longer enough. Sad fleurmione. Day 1 for Fleurmioneweek2020

  • Accepting

    Fleur had spent years telling herself that she'd reject her mate when the moment came. And then her mate confronted her. Set just after sixth year. Fleurmione, AU-canon divergence.

  • Everybody Here Wants You

    A shy Hermione pines away over a visiting foreign student. Set during the Triwizard tournament. Songfic. Fleurmione. AU – canon divergence.