• She

    A poem

  • Five years

    Four times Hermione dared Mr. Wrong. One time Mr. wrong turned out to be Mr. Right.

  • Vampire's Love

    Draco Malfoy meets two faces from his past. Two shot. Poly fic. Draco/Ron/Hermione. Vampire Ron Weasley, vampire Hermione Granger. Human Draco Malfoy.

  • A wolf by any other name

    Hermione Granger and Thorfinn Rowle hook up Major Character Death. Nongraphic Torture. Voldemort wins AU. Marriage law.

  • Yaxley's failed initiation

    It started with a chair. It ended with a chair. What happens when a girls night out coincides with a Death Eater initiation. Dorcas/Yaxley/Marlene, with special guest appearances by Alice Longbottom and Lily Potter Written for Sing Me a Rare: The 1900's The Chair - George Strait one shot

  • Vampire's Love

    Draco Malfoy meets two faces from his past. One shot. Poly fic. Draco/Ron/Hermione. Vampire Ron Weasley. Vampire Hermione Granger. Draco Malfoy. Hook-up

  • You've got to flash your tits, Granger!

    AU, AT, Eighth year! Hermione Granger wants to ditch her goody two shoes image! What better way to do that than joining the coolest group in Hogwarts. The Magpies! Headed by Pansy Parkinson, there's only one thing standing in her way! Rule 1! A glimmer of the pairing Hermione Granger/Thorfinn Rowle. Draco/Pansy Harry/Ginny Ron/Lavender Yaxley and Dolohov also make appearances!

  • Taming the Wolf

    He only has one chance to redeem himself. One chance to make amends. One chance to prove he can be the man of her dreams. But it's all on him.

  • Bound five ways

    Alternate Universe-Dark, Alternate timeline, Voldemort wins. Dead Dove: Do Not Eat! Major Character Death! Non-consensual Drug Use! Forced Binding! Rape/Non-Con! Hermione/reverse harem

  • It's no time to play!

    Was he serious! She couldn't believe it! A mid battle tussle at the Battle of Hogwarts. Goodbyes and homecomings. Love Fest 2022

  • Why Thorfinn loves Crookshanks!

    That cat is always stuck in his tree. How Thorfinn met his attractive neighbor! Drabble

  • Do you like it?

    Ron and Pansy shop for the perfect ring. Drabble#LF2022 #Team Freyja!

  • For better or worse

    Hermione Granger-Weasley is unexpectedly widowed. An ex-Auror with a creature inheritance suddenly starts going downhill. An arrangement is made. Will Hermione step up and save him? This is for DarkAngelofSorrowReturns. This started as a marriage law fic, then it took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and totally went off the deep end! #LF2022 #TeamFreyja!

  • A Yaxley Love Story

    Corbin Yaxley, every bit as dangerous as his father, godfather Dolohov and his best friend Thorfinn Rowle! After the Battle, eligible death eaters are paired with a half blood or muggleborn witch for 'rehabilitation and repopulation'. MARRIAGE LAW! Guess who gets paired with our resident brightest witch of her age. He might give in but he'll give in kicking and screaming

  • spoils of war

    Au. Voldemort wins. To the victors go the spoils. Hermione/Yaxley. One shot!

  • my cabin, my bed!

    Written for the There was Only One Bed Fest hosted by Facebook page Hermione's Nook. Hermione/Greyback, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender Mind the Trigger Warnings! They are there for a reason! TRIGGER WARNING! TRIGGER WARNING! Child death, miscarriages, divorced Hermione/Ron, Rh factor, RhoGAM shots, unplanned pregnancy, one night stand

  • may i have this dance?

    Hermione desperately wants to dance with Yaxley. Can Pansy and Rowle get the two of them on the dance floor? One shot! Hermione/Yaxley, hint of Thorfinn/Pansy Written for the Your Darkest Desire Masquerade Fest hosted by the Facebook page Death Eater Groupies

  • Scaring the bejesus out of Hermione Granger!

    Gotta love Quidditch!

  • Scabior and Hermione

    Well, not sure what to say about this one. It's again Scabior and Hermione. Thought i'd try my hand at a tom riddle is Hermione's dad fic. We'll see if my muse helps me with this one. If so, i'll keep writing. If not, i'll probably remove it. Happy reading!

  • Royalty

    Based VERY loosely on the show The Tudors with, of course, Harry Potter characters. You might call it an alternate version of another story of mine 'All's fair in love and war.'