• Texting Time

    A situation in which Harry debates whether to laugh, cry, or bang his head on the cartoon of eggs he has to buy for his adorable pompous git of a boyfriend, the one and only, Draco Malfoy.

  • Hit or Miss

    In which Draco plays a game of Hit or Miss, but doesn't listen to the rules. He makes the mistake of saying he wants to Hit on Potter. Wait what? Draco wants to shag Potter? Luckily, the results make up for the embarrassment.

  • Growing Older

    Growing older is hard to do. Luckily Draco has a loving husband and a large brode of children to make him feel young again.

  • Ten New Years

    Who says the superstition of a kiss at midnight is untrue? Hermione does. Draco and Harry prove her wrong. Follow the progression of Harry and Draco's relationship through a series of New Year's Eve parties.

  • Love Indoors

    Sometimes "I love you" is said in the oddest situations.

  • I love you

    Telling someone "I love you," is hard, that's why Draco decides to practice in the mirror.

  • Operation Get Harry

    Harry is obviously and ridiculously attracted to Draco. Draco knows this, but does Harry? A situation in which Draco develops a ten-step process to seduce him. Step 1: Seduction. Step 2: Get Harry to see him naked. Step 3: Hope it isn't necessary because Harry has already jumped him.