• Never-ending Torture

    Tom never wanted to cause him harm, but here he was, killing Harry again and again. Why, you ask? Read to find out! Written for IWSC; S4; Finals

  • What are we?

    Hermione wants Harry to get a boyfriend. Harry doesn't want a boyfriend. But Hermione's persistent. What happens when Harry's habit of making mistakes and a certain dark-haired man clash with each other? Read to found out! Written for IWSC; S4; R7.

  • Stockholm Syndrome

    Tom kidnaps Harry. They fight. Harry falls in love. Yes, another Tomarry. Written for IWSC; S4; R6.

  • Trust—a fool's mistake

    After overhearing that Professor Snape helps abused victims, Harry decides to give it a go. But, of course, he's Harry and nothing goes smoothly. This is my take on how the scene should've gone. Written for Writing School; IWSC; S4; R5.

  • Mine

    Harry Potter was his, and Lavender Brown would rue the day she was born. But, what was supposed to be a simple task, went horribly, horribly wrong. Or: when Tom Riddle accidentally murdered the wrong person. MCD, angst, murder, suicide, accidental murder. Muggle!AU, SameAge!AU, NoDarkLord!AU. Written for IWSC; S4; R5.

  • Perfect

    He was the perfect tenth victim, and she was determined to get him. Written for IWSC; R4.

  • Promise?

    Eight years ago, she put her elder sister in prison. Five years ago, she bailed her out of it and consequently had a fight which led her to not speak to her sister anymore. Today, she vowed on fixing everything to get her sister back.

  • Horizon Alley

    Draco's mother wants to see his boyfriend in a posh restaurant at Horizon Alley. Who's Draco's boyfriend? Harry Potter, of course! Takes place after the war. Non-epilogue compliant. Written for IWSC, WS.

  • In which Rose really hates Cal

    Rose just had some quiet time in her bedroom but, of course, Cal has to barge in. Happens one month before the original movie but there are plenty of spoilers. Written for Murder Mystery. Warning for suggestive and foul language and mild mentions of r*pe.

  • 10th April, 1912: The Best Day of Our Lives

    Remus Lupin: second-class lucky enough to get on the Titanic with a death-date hanging before him; Sirius Black: first-class whose wish is to run away but can't; Regulus Black: Sirius' brother who sympathizes with him; James Potter: a first-class who has everything. When they meet on the luxurious RMS Titanic, sparks fly. As the Titanic sinks, it's a race against time to survive.

  • True Love Lasts For A Lifetime

    Hermione always wore a mysterious ring which wasn't given to her by her husband and her grandchildren want to know its story. She has refused to tell the story for years but now she knew that she was old and close to death so she finally decided to tell it. Written for IWSC; S4; R2. Warning: Major Character Death (MCD).

  • Why did he have to die?

    Draco doesn't understand why Jack had to die. Harry doesn't have the heart to tell him that it's for plot convenience. References from Titanic (1997) so there will be spoilers. Established Draco/Harry. Post war. Written for Murder Mystery.

  • From friends to something to lovers


  • Masterfully Manipulated

    Two hundred and sixty years later, and they are still fighting the same war. Just a different generation. And a new legend to rely on. Or can it be relied on? Written for THC; Y8; R9.

  • Eyes So Blue I Drown

    In the forty-three years he had roamed the world, never once had he gone to a beach. And there was a very good reason for that. The beach reminded him of his dead fiancée. - This is the story of a heartbroken vampire. Written for IWSC; S4; R1.

  • Lily's Understanding

    What if the Potter's didn't hide in Godric's Hollow? What if killing the Potter's were part of Dumbledore's plan? What if Lily saw through it? Warning: Good Voldemort

  • Bits and Blobs

    Random one-shots written for fests and challenges.

  • Again and again

    Did anyone wonder what happened inside Gilderoy Lockhart's mind after that accident? This is my take on his situation and his childhood! This contradicts some of the information from canon so please keep in mind that most of it is NOT CANON.

  • Slytherin's Heir

    Tom Riddle's quest to find out about his Lineage.

  • Hedwig

    Have you ever wondered who Hedwig was? What Hedwig was? What if she had more to herself than being Harry Potter's pet? What if...she was sent by someone to protect him? This is my take on Hedwig's life! Please read it with an open mind and the concept may be a bit difficult to get into.