• A Secret Among Stars

    Hermione, Theo and Draco have kept their relationship and family secret for more than ten years. What happens when Hermione's former best friend uncovers their secret? Notes: In response to a prompt by Anonymous in the DreomioneFest2022 collection. Prompt: Secret Child Option B: The triad keeps their child/ren a secret from the wizarding world

  • We'll Be The Only Dream You Seek

    In the summer before 8th year, Head Boy Theo Nott and Head Girl Hermione Granger are dealing with alot of trauma at child soldier therapy camp. Pansy and Draco are waiting for their trials. The four of them end up growing closer over fire whiskey, cigarettes, group therapy and illicit touches. A polyamorous, kinky AU.

  • A Time of Persistence in the Face of Despair

    Summary: Theodore Nott is the Charms Professor at Hogwarts, its the fourteen year anniversary of the Battle there and he's about to do something that could 1 - destroy the timeline or 2 - get him sent to Azkaban forever. He's willing to take the risk.