• Dramione Drabbles

    A compilation of my Dramione drabbles. The chapters are not related - each is its own short story. Find me on Tumblr: extremewritersblock Chapter 1: "Just pretend to be my date" Chapter 2: "I like you, Granger." "You're drunk, Malfoy." Chapter 3: "I want you to ruin my life, Granger." Chapter 4: "You're my date?" Chapter 5: "If that guy takes you home, I don't wanna know."

  • CHOSEN a dramione story

    AU Voldemort Wins. King Malfoy has ordered by decree that all women of marrying age can submit themselves to The Choice, a competition to win Prince Draco's heart and become Princess. Hermione has to choose between her love back home or the chance to move up in caste, from an Essential to an Elite. Perhaps she'll find some feelings for the Prince along the way. Slow burn/smut

  • The Unbreakable Vow

    One-Shot (possible series idea) Post War - AU - Voldy Wins TW: dark themes/signs of abuse/unwilling confinement Hermione had lost count of how many days she'd been held captive. When Draco Malfoy walked into her cell, she was sure her time was over. Instead, Draco made her an offer she couldn't refuse. (inspired by ACOTAR)

  • Snowed Inn

    December 23rd - December 26th. Draco - who hates Christmas - expected to head his Ministry project alone. Hermione - who loves Christmas - expected to tag along and snag that promotion. Neither expected to be snow in at an Inn 2 hours outside of London. Hermione tries to convince Draco that Christmas isn't awful and Draco tries to filter through his feelings for his coworker. HEA

  • RESTORATION a dramione story

    When Hermione received the letter asking to help restore Hogwarts, she welcomed the distraction. But what happens when her volunteer partner is Draco Malfoy? A summer of restoration begins with Hogwarts, but along the way, Draco and Hermione both begin a restoration of their own. As they try to bury old grudges, they learn a bond can be built, even between those who were our enemy.