• Everything I Do, I Do For You

    Draco is faced with a very difficult decision, and it has long lasting consequences for him and his family. A sort of Muggle!AU set sometime around the turn of the century.

  • Capturing You Again

    Draco takes a walk through the forest, sees an interesting sight, and finds some comfort.

  • Serpent's Fire

    Tom Riddle is the god of the past, of temptation, of sin. There are rules about tempting mortals, but who would he be if he didn't break a few rules?

  • Grow for Me

    Neville has an anxiety attack during Charms, but he can always rely on one method to loosen the tightness in his chest.

  • Keep Your Hand in Mine

    Remus promised himself that he'd never date a superhero; the risks were too great and secret identities complicated everything. He was proven correct when Star Hunter walked into his life, but maybe some things are meant to be, after all. A Wolfstar Superhero!AU. For Arianna.

  • It's All About Favoritism

    Uncle Ron promised Teddy that he'd take him flying, but Uncle Harry made Teddy go to bed. Luckily, Teddy wasn't deterred.

  • The Sweet Release

    The Malfoys always visited the family mausoleum at least a few times a year. The goal was to overcome the very human fear of death. For Draco, however, this tradition had the exact opposite effect. Rated M to be safe. Warnings in the Author's Note.

  • Always Have Been, Always Will Be

    Percy Weasley has been trying to protect his new family ever since the apocalypse started. When he gets cornered in an alley by the undead, three surprise visitors lend him a hand, and he's not very happy about who they turn out to be. For Elizabeth :)

  • Maybe I Always Was

    Teddy Lupin has grown up hearing stories of how amazing his parents were. More than anything else, he wants to make them proud.

  • Let's Sing Out of Tune

    James Sirius Potter almost lost his little brother last year, and he's come to realize that he's not okay with how distant the two of them have been over the years. He decides to do something about it. Warnings for language.

  • Tales of Lore

    James meets his boyfriend, Regulus, one night. They discuss how they might be able to have a future together without throwing away everything else they have in life. Merperson!AU

  • I'll Be There

    Draco had always known that he would have a hard time being a father, but he would never stop trying to be better.

  • Like Poetry

    A little moment between Fleur and Angelina before Angelina's Quidditch game.

  • To Be a Potter and a Malfoy

    Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy have been best friends since they were kids. Outside pressure finally gets to Albus and puts his friendship in jeopardy. A sort of FoxandtheHound!AU.

  • We're Worth a Shot

    George decides to set his brother Percy up on a blind date. School crushes come to light, and maybe this whole thing won't be as bad as Percy thinks it's going to be. Maybe. Warning for slight language.

  • The Lies That Fester and the Truth You Speak

    Ron Weasley has always been in someone's shadow, whether it be one of his sibling's or one of his friend's. He's determined to make himself seen, and he gets unexpected help along the way.

  • Promises in Shadows

    Feeling lonely, Ginny finds solace in a diary.

  • Don't Lose Sight of Me

    After a solo mission goes wrong, Albus Potter finds himself running from his enemy. As luck would have it, he ends up meeting a ghost and stumbling further and further into the past. What he finds makes him question all he knows about the world...and about himself.

  • Anywhere

    Scorpius Malfoy, son to Lord Draco Malfoy, and Albus Potter, son to King Harry Potter, are both unhappy with the lives that have been set out for them. Together, they face a difficult choice.

  • Realigning Stars

    Godric Gryffindor is proud of his people, yet he yearns for some mortal excitement on earth. What better than a quest to satisfy his yearnings? God/Goddess!AU