• The Heart of the Champion

    When Hermione bought a pair of tickets for the 2000 British Grand Prix as a birthday gift to her big fan of Formula One father, she never imagined she would get to meet a very interesting raven-haired man with the most striking green eyes who would go on to change her life. / A fluffy Muggle!AU H/Hr story themed around Formula One.

  • The Annual Granger Family Reunion

    These last few years, Hermione came to loathe family reunions. Because she was a witch living in a world covered by privacy, it meant Hermione was never able to give proper answers to her relatives when they asked her questions about her lives. As a result, they get the wrong impression of her. When her boyfriend Harry shows up, he is very not not happy with them. H/Hr

  • The Mystery of the House-Elves Enslavement

    Hermione makes an amazing discovery while in the library. Someone might have the key to freeing the house-elves from their enslavement! Harry and Hermione make a visit to Santa Claus' famous North Pole village to learn more about the truth behind the enslavement of the elves. / Written for the 2022 HMS Harmony Advent Fest!

  • The Voyage of the Phoenix

    When his pregnant wife is murdered by his two best friends, Harry decide to cross the Veil of Death to be reunited with his godfather Sirius, believing it to lead to another world. What he didn't expect was to land in the Caribbeans during the early 1700s. Well, he and Sirius have their own ship now, which they name the Phoenix, so why not use it to become legendary pirates?

  • The Spaceship (As written by an AI)

    [Written by NovelAI] Harry and Hermione find a secret hangar while exploring the Hogwarts grounds with a magic spaceship inside...

  • Missing In Action

    Penny Parker thought it was business as usual when she heard someone scream one evening. What she didn't expect was for it to be a trap for her, or to be captured. What she expected and feared even less was what followed next: a livestream broadcasted across the Internet where Penny's captor reveal her identity and tortures her. Fem!Peter / IronDad

  • LordCroussette's Drabbles Compilation

    A compilation of drabbles, for whenever I want to write something that is less than a thousand words. Will be updated whenever I post something new. I won't write something because I feel like I need to add another chapter, i'll write something because I want to write it. ;)

  • Mourning her Son

    Penny lived with the Starks for the past three months. While hard at times, the three months have been some of the happiest of her life. But, one day, she wake up in the morning feeling grief. While Tony and Pepper try to figure out why Penny is so sad that day, Penny silently mourn the death of her baby son who was killed years ago along with Ben Parker. / Fem!Peter, IronDad

  • The Twin Sister

    It was a simple game where Tonks took the female form of some of the Order's men and boys, showing them how they would look like had they been born girls. What nobody expected was for Harry to freak out when his turn came. To the shock of everyone, Remus reveal that Harry's female form reminded him of his twin sister Ivy who went missing in 1981. (Not H/Hr)

  • The Potions Shop

    OoT X-Over / After leaving their home dimension and exploring Hyrule for a year, Harry and Hermione learn they are expecting a child and decide to settle down in Castle Town and open a shop to sell potions from their world. / Written for the HMS Harmony MAYhem Challenge.

  • The Girl He Loved

    Harry's tense rivalry with a certain bushy haired witch unfortunately means that the girl he loves will likely never return his feelings. Deciding to spill his frustrations on paper, he puts the message in a bottle and throws it in the lake before promptly forgetting all about it. / Written for the HMS Harmony MAYhem Challenge.

  • A Boy, a Girl and Her Parents (Past Couple, Present Couple)

    Genderbent!H/Hr - Harriet and Hermes are running through the forest, werewolf Lupin hot on their trails when Hermes' Time-Turner breaks, accidently sending them to the year 1978 where James and Lily are just about to graduate. / Written for the HMS Harmony MAYhem Challenge.

  • Ministers and Princesses

    Hermione's work as Minister makes her a very busy witch. As she is also a mother and wife, she start fearing her family resent her for all the time she spends at work away from them. Thankfully, she found her fears to be unfounded when she return home one evening to hear Harry tell a certain story to their daughter Rose. / Written for the HMS Harmony MAYhem Challenge.

  • Holding a Secret

    Hermione has a secret she kept from everyone else: she is training to be an Animagus. Why? Because the boy she love took a werewolf bite for her. Despite his attempt to convince her otherwise, she know he is now a werewolf himself. She is unwilling to let him face that alone and decided to follow in the footsteps of Harry's dad. / Written for the HMS Harmony MAYhem Challenge.

  • Stranded On A Strange Purple Planet

    Jedi Knight Hermione Granger lived a content but boring life. She can't help but wish for more, a wish she get when she end up on a strange planet. Unable to leave and with the last Inquisitor looking for her, Hermione is trapped. Thankfully, she receive the help of a fellow Jedi, a Rebel spy and her childhood friend: Harry Potter. / Written for the HMS Harmony MAYhem Challenge.

  • We're No Strangers To Each Other

    Following the death of sixteen-year-old Harry at the hands of Voldemort, the Order of the Phoenix get desperate and decide to summon a Chosen One from another dimension. When nobody appear, they believe they failed, and try again. But, they didn't. As they repeated the ritual, more and more Harrys landed right outside Headquarters, one more confused than the others.

  • The Summer of Pope Harry

    Harry hoped for a quiet and relaxing life now that Voldemort was dead. Unfortunately, a visit to Gringotts made him learn that not only had he inherited a long list of Magical Lordships, but that he also inherited the title of King of Vatican - a.k.a the Papacy of Rome. He was not going to let it stand. Crack fic with loads of inaccuracies.

  • The New Spider-Woman

    Homecoming AU. When Penny Parker (Fem!Peter) is confronted by May after the events of the Staten Island Ferry, the teenage superhero decide to admit the truth. "I am Spider-Woman." she tell May. With her reveal of the truth, Penny find unexpected comfort and support in May that make her realize she does not need Tony Stark's help to be a hero. Include Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy!

  • The Unexpected

    When Tony figured out time travel, all he wanted was to bring Penny Parker back to life. For one, quick hour, Tony had his wish - until he no longer did. Once again, Penny was snatched from him when, in a desperate act, Spider-Woman used the Infinity Stones to defeat Thanos and his army. Endgame AU where Female Peter Parker snap and die as a result of it.

  • The Potter Broom Company

    Harry Potter had always been interested in learning how vehicles such as cars, trains, ships and planes worked. When Harry discovered the Wizarding World, that passion transferred to flying broomsticks. While looking at the library, Harry discover a book teaching the readers how to make enchant a flying broomstick. And thus, the Potter Mark I was born. -/- Updates will be sporadic