• tenderness

    Lily's mum can do anything, and isn't scared of anything. So why is she so upset about a book?
  • you are the only one who can break your heart

    in spite of everything else he faces, harry makes the most difficult decision of his life.
  • my amortentia is cinnamon and nutmeg and knotgrass

    he's in her bedroom for the very first time. / hannahxneville / cut for ratings, full on AO3 under same title. / for writing club septermber, sophie's shelf, big mouth, dialogue prompt #10, and the yearly events insane challenge #688, no character names.
  • My Time With Felix

    The Daily Prophet is proud to announce a competition sponsored by Annabelle's Apothecary for Christmas. In a hundred words or less, describe what you would use Felix Felicis to do, for your chance to win 24 hours worth of Felix Felicis. Terms & Conditions apply. / For the Hangman game, letter F, prompt 'Felix Felicis'
  • the hills are blind and don't care about you

    fay is on the run and her heart is hollow. / written for 'writing club - secret september - 8. emotion - loneliness'
  • a pair of mollies

    Molly won't let circumstance get in the way of being a loving grandmother. /Written for the September Writing Club, Amber's Attic, 26. Molly Weasley I and Molly Weasley II.
  • the hugo

    Hugo finds a new passion by way of a summer job.
  • in sickness and in health

    When Daphne falls ill, it is up to Tracey to take care of her. Maybe Tracey gets more from it than she'd like to admit. /For 'Hogwarts Assignment #4 First Aid Task 7'.
  • gentleman crim

    Seamus Finnigan has always been a bit of a storyteller, but this time his stories land him in hot water.
  • wash my mouth out with soap

    Percy Weasley was supposed to go far in the world. Audrey Baumgartner was supposed to be successful, too. Now she's a single mother about to confront her past. TW for PTSD, Depression, implied/referenced character death, and Alcoholism.
  • lilly pillies

    December 23, 1976. James has screwed up, big time. Lily's not in the mood to forgive him, until an unexpected knowledge of Herbology leads to a conversation, which leads to a revelation, which leads to...X-posted from AO3
  • creature comfort

    1975-1978. A dark cloud is brewing both inside and out of Hogwarts, and in the midst of growing up, external forces could push these teens to the edge. Title & Chapter Titles (alongside rough inspiration) taken from 'Creature Comfort' by Arcade Fire.