Nightstar Fury

  • The Bonds That Tie

    Turned into a vampire at fifteen was not something Harry Potter needed in his already very crazy life, and worse that the one who turned him isn't around to guide his way. Harry finds himself with some unexpected allies who show him just how strong bonds can be.

  • Not So Different

    After four years of being rivals, a truce is formed between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy to start over. However, what neither of them expected was for that truce to take them so far into realizing they really weren't so different after all.

  • Unforgettable Gift

    It's Harry's eighteenth birthday after the defeat of the dark wizard, Voldemort, as Sirius Black and Remus Lupin have come up with the perfect present for Harry that ends up giving him something unforgettable and even more precious than anticipated.

  • Whatever It Takes

    What do you do when faced with the decision to be who you really are or keeping being who you've been. In a battle for popularity or love, which will reign stronger. And at the crossroads, are you willing to sacrifice everything to get back what was lost?

  • The Journey Into Us

    Trayden Raseri never imagined that finding and returning a lost wallet to Hunter(Haddock)Forger would be the start of a friendship, or a journey they embark on together, which led them to become so much more and happier than either had ever been before. [Originally Posted; Sometime in 2021. Can't actually remember when...]

  • Anything Is Possible

    Hiccup Haddock, heartbroken, and rejected, leaves Berk with Toothless. However, the world is a dangerous place for a lone dragon rider. When Hiccup ends up on the brink of death, and ready to accept his fate; the last people Hiccup ever expected to help him decide to save his life and everything begins to change. HiccupXOC. [Originally Posted; 5/6/2020]

  • Forever Side By Side

    To seal a business deal to merge two companies, Hector Haddock and Astrid Hofferson are forced into an arranged marriage by their fathers at the age of seventeen. But in the face of hating things, can they learn the lesson that it takes both participants giving 100% for a marriage to be successful and wind up learning to like or even love one another in the process?

  • For Whatever May Come

    When Hunter Haddock, brushes off his sudden and odd symptoms as exhaustion and stress; he never imagined that they were meant to reveal a graver diagnosis. Fearful for his future; he pushes on as normal until it puts his life in danger. Hunter will have to learn how to live his life with new challenges, but will he have to face it alone? HiccupXOC. [Originally Posted; 9/26/2019]

  • All I Can Be

    Hunter Haddock always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. As Freshman year ends, Hunter decides not to waste another three years in school. With his father's support and help; Hunter joins the army, and leaves for boot camp over the summer. When he returns, a series of events take place that Hunter has to overcome to be all he can be. [Originally Posted; 5/22/2017]

  • My Brother

    Hiccup Haddock wanted information that his parents refuse to give up. Hiccup leaves Berk with his dragon to seek answers after promising Astrid that he will return. Hiccup finds himself in the care of who he was looking for. After explanations and convincing, the two return to Berk to bring truth, understanding, and peace. [Originally Posted; 9/1/2017]

  • The Sake Of Peace

    When the Grimborn brothers look to entrap their former enemy, Hiccup Haddock, in an arranged marriage; things don't quite go as planned when it comes out that the bride and groom know one another, and fine with it. That is, until they have to face when real feelings start to blossom between them. HiccupXOC.

  • On My Own

    Refusing to live by his father's rules any longer, Hiccup exiles himself. He leaves with his best friend, Toothless and is only known by one person who Hiccup trusts. Years later with a new life, love, and family now. Can Hiccup recover after his past catches up with him and things take a turn for the worst when enemies resurface? HiccupXOC. [Originally Posted; 6/21/2016]

  • A Purpose Found

    Hayden Haddock wants to die after a series of unfortunate misunderstandings take place that causes him to lose everything. Ready to end it; a new friend steps into his life at the right moment to stop him. A renewed desire to keep living is sparked within Hayden as he sets out to find his purpose and who he's meant to be. [Originally Posted; 2/2/2018]

  • Our Little Secret

    Hiccup Haddock and Astrid Hofferson decide to take their next relationship to the next level. When people start getting suspicious, the two young lovers come up with a plan. However, by accident, Stoick learns the truth and ends up arranging for them to marry. Afterward; Stoick tells the teens he knew, and it remains their secret forever. [Originally Posted; 9/15/2017]

  • The Shield Between

    Constantly blamed for things gone wrong; Hiccup Haddock decides to live up to the behavior that he is accused of. Ending up temporarily banished for two years. However, afterward; Hiccup finds himself living two lives. The one forced on him without his consent, and the one he chooses to lead to bring peace to the world as they know it. HiccupXOC. [Originally Posted; 12/18/2018]

  • I'll Be The One

    All Hunter Haddock wanted was a semi-normal life, but he was the President of the United Islands' son. The night he saved a couple of fellow students on his college campus, after finding out that they are members of a gang; he's thrown into a new world, and his life changes forever in ways he never imagined it could. [Originally Posted; 2/23/2019]

  • The Edge

    After graduating High School, Harvey Haddock had no idea what he wanted to do until the day came that he chose to buy the failing bar he worked at in the city to try and save it. Harvey never imagined that it would become one of the hottest clubs around or that doing what he did ended up being the best decision of his entire life. [Originally Posted; 9/2/2017]

  • Fairytale Screwed

    An accidental kidnapping of royalty turns into so much more as Hiccup and Toothless begin to fall for each other. [Collaboration with Val411]

  • My Second Chance

    After the deaths of both parents, Hayden Haddock finds himself in a constant nightmare of rejection and abuse. With the help of extended family and friends, can he rebuild his life and find a second chance at the happiness that was ripped away from him when his parents died?

  • One Night Towards Our Future

    It was supposed to be a one-night stand, and they'd never see one another again. However, after an interview, Verena Vollan learns that she got hired as the new manager's assistant. The only problem? Her boss is the man she slept with, Hunter Haddock. It can't be that hard to stay professional after such an event, right? Wrong. They were very wrong. [Originally Posted; 3/24/2018]